Privacy isn’t an absolute right


[Art from: Mahou Shoujo Miracle Yuitto]

For quite some time now people around the US have complained about CCTV’s on street corners, drones being over US airspace, the TSA being too “touchy.” Well, I will address this topic and put everybody in their place ONCE AND FOR ALL!

I support the use of cameras being put on public street corners, like in the UK. The reason is pretty clear: IT IS A PUBLIC STREET! It is not in your home, it is not up your ass, it is in PUBLIC! I do not care if there are law enforcement cameras watching me in PUBLIC. I really do not. I know when I am in public, my right to privacy goes away as it should. I am not saying police should also have the right to stop any person on the street and strip them naked. Let’s not use the shitty slippery slope logic liberals, libertarians, and conservatives love to use so much. Let’s be reasonable here. I know that is especially hard for libertarians and conservatives but just try. Besides, if civilians are allowed to record police without their consent, then the police should be able to do the same to you.

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