Racism and the goddamn Unions


Photo by Yakumo Shibata

This is definitely going to be one of my more controversial blog post.

First racism. I think hating someone because of their skin color is stupid as fuck. I also think that no race is better than the other. In saying that, I support hate speech and racist speech in terms of not banning it. If you want to be an asshole, be my guess. As long as you aren’t harassing people, you shouldn’t be in legal trouble for what you say.

I also believe businesses and companies not directly connected to or funded by the Government should be allowed to discriminate during the hiring process. If a company doesn’t want to hire someone because they are black, white, fat, old, a girl, gay, or whatever, that is their right…well, it should be their right. Why? It is their company. The Government should not be allowed to tell a company who to hire or how to hire. You do not have a right to work for a particular company. I think discriminating against someone for silly reasons like race or sexual orientation is stupid but I will oppose any law and support any opposition to allow companies to do just that. Besides, you are allowed to control who you let in your home or on your property, so why not your own business that YOU made and that YOU run? I am sometimes a mind-my-own-business kind of guy.

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Japan is NOT xenophobic

Source(U.S. Forces Japan)

This blog post was originally published on 8/17/12 but I updated it and decided to move it to the top.

I get EXTREMELY tired of hearing people say “Japan hates foreigners! They will never accept you!” Why? Because it is false! Japan is not some xenophobic, anti-foreigner, racist nation. Not anymore. Far from it. The only reason people are able to give on why they say it is Xenophobic is because they saw a sign like this on the internet:

That photo was take in my Japanese hometown of Otaru, Japan. Not by me though, I never actually saw it. You may see them around US military bases, especially in Okinawa and in Hokkaido. But if you think about it, can you blame them? Would you want another country’s military occupying your nation and your city with their loud and dangerous aircraft and often rowdy military personnel? No. If China decided to make a base in the middle of Manhattan, you can bet your ass that entire population of New York City will be outside protesting and posting “No Chinese” signs on every store window within a 15 mile radius. I am not saying the hate of the US military is a popular view. A minority of Japanese share the same hate as many nationalist(Also uncommon) in Japan. I am saying the hate some people has it quite understandable.

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