Lolicon and Shotacon are NOT bad!


(Source: ななみとこのみのおしえてA・B・C)

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What is lolicon? Since this post is about the non-Japanese definition, I’ll use that one: It is a theme of anime, manga, and eroge in which underage/child-like female anime characters are sexually depicted.

As many of my long time readers and most of my on and offline friends know, I am a fan of lolicon and some shotacon. I have never ONCE denied that or tried to hide it. I’ve been interested in it since 2006 or 2007. In the years that I’ve been interested in it, I’ve heard a very common and ignorant statement. That statement? That ALL lolicon fans are pedophiles and lolicon is CHILD PORN. One of those are false and the other one varies by country.

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Free Speech is bullshit

(Art by: Sorrau)

Ok, we have all heard about the “Innocence of Muslims”, right? The ignorant poorly made piece of shit film that falsely depicts the Prophet Muhammad. Well, after rumors that Ambassador Stevens(RIP) was killed due to the video started to come out, EVERY FUCKING PERSON IN AMERICA started defending the video as “free speech.” Why am I bitching? Oddly but not so shockingly, these are the same idiots who, if asked if ‘Lolicon’ was just as ok as that piece of shit film, would say hell no lolicon isn’t free speech and attack you for asking and falsely call you a pedophile. So, what makes Innocence of Muslims free speech in your eyes, but not Lolicon? Both are pretty legal in America. I may not agree with what is said in this film, but I will fight to the death for their right to say it…minus the ‘I’, ‘fight’, and ‘death’ part. Sadly, most American’s won’t do the same when it comes to Lolicon. I have decided to NOT link to the film out of sensitivity to me still living.

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