The Police – Part 1: Brutality


ART BY: Ergot

This blog is apart of a 2 part series covering 2 big topics: 1) Brutality. 2) Militarization. Both only about police in the United States. Part 2 will be released eventually. So, without further ado, let’s get started shall we?

The role of the police is to protect the masses and uphold the law. The role of the masses is to call the police for help and follow the law. That is the way it’s been since for fuck knows how long. But throughout history, the police have been getting a bad rep. Especially among minorities, most notably, blacks. For that, we can blame the actions of law enforcement back when segregation was common practice and widespread. But in recent events, the police have faced a lot of hostility. If a cop shoot someone it’s local news. But here’s the kicker: The only time it makes it in the national spotlight is when a black person is shot by a white cop AND only when either witnesses or family yells brutality. As a result, the hostility towards police has increased. We have the media to thank for that….and also, blacks. Sad thing is, when the roles are reversed, the media only covers the unjustified shooting of a cop when several are gunned down or under extraordinary circumstances. That says a lot about the media, doesn’t it?

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Lolicon and Shotacon are NOT bad!


(Source: ななみとこのみのおしえてA・B・C)

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What is lolicon? Since this post is about the non-Japanese definition, I’ll use that one: It is a theme of anime, manga, and eroge in which underage/child-like female anime characters are sexually depicted.

As many of my long time readers and most of my on and offline friends know, I am a fan of lolicon and some shotacon. I have never ONCE denied that or tried to hide it. I’ve been interested in it since 2006 or 2007. In the years that I’ve been interested in it, I’ve heard a very common and ignorant statement. That statement? That ALL lolicon fans are pedophiles and lolicon is CHILD PORN. One of those are false and the other one varies by country.

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Sheeple and the law

Hm. I was thinking about this today, and I think it’s kind of a silly idea to argue that people are sheeple if they follow the law. Most laws are, to an extent, justified and do make sense. So, why can’t following the laws simply be an act of using common sense rather than an act of following a government blindly? For instance, the laws of the road: I doubt people follow these rules simply because they’re told to; I think that at least a majority of people are following the laws of the road mainly because it’s quite a lot safer than if roads were subject to complete anarchy. They do so to avoid something bad happening to them (i.e. getting in a crash and being seriously injured or dying). I think, then, the idea that “follow this idea or something bad will happen to you” is a reasonable thing to think, and it wouldn’t necessarily make you a sheeple if you follow the laws by that logic.

This is because governments often make punishments for breaking laws. People think to themselves not “I think I’ll follow these laws because my government says so”, but “I think I’ll follow these rules because otherwise I may get punished or get hurt”. That’s not blindly following authority, and if I’m correct in saying that a lot of people think like me in this regard, following laws, then, typically wouldn’t make you a sheeple simply because you follow them. There are reasons behind laws other than the government’s deciding that they’ll tell us to do things simply because they want to. However, those that don’t question the laws at all, and simply take them for what they are, are Sheeple.For the most part, though, the rest of your post I agree with to an extent. The government isn’t doing an adequate enough job teaching the young children of America because, quite frankly, they don’t need to and are better off keeping us ignorant and ill-informed than educating us to the extent that we would have the capacity to reason out inconsistencies in their governing system we may feel outraged about.

“To keep a society under control, one only needs to keep its citizens fat, dumb and happy”, if I recall it right (probably not). Can’t remember who said it, but it’s definitely applicable here. Most children/teens of America are more concerned about their grades than they are actually learning and understanding something. I’m sure that if you asked someone a question about why they came to the conclusion that they did over here on a homework assignment, they could tell you the answer by regurgitating theorems and faint understandings of the subject, but couldn’t explain how they came to the theorems themselves. I’m guilty of this myself, and quite frankly, I’m a little fed up with the education system over here. I try my best to learn rather than just memorize, memorize, memorize, but it doesn’t work out half the time because some of my teachers can’t even explain the main aspects of their subject correctly. I’m beginning to think that I have a better understanding of it than them in some cases, which really exemplifies how bad off we are because I’m the one being taught.