Anime is not a style or art form

ART/PHOTO BY: Ishikawa Puro


This blog post was quickly made, so forgive my lack of details. It was sparked by some people calling a cartoon called RWBY an “Anime.”

Anime isn’t a style and “American Anime” is a bullshit term. Anime is animation produced in Japan. That has been the universally accepted definition among Anime fans since Anime reached the US Audience many years ago. Few Americans have tried to market their garbage as Anime, all have ultimately failed to convert most Anime fans.

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What’s wrong with Boku no Pico?


(Art from: Boku no Pico)

[SISTER POST: Lolicon is not bad]

Boku no Pico is a popular…well, infamous shota trap hentai by Natural High. It is mostly about Pico, a girly boy, but episode 2 is about Pico’s friend Chico too and episode 3 is about their new friend Coco. 2 of the 3 look like girls. They all engage in sexual activity but there is no rape involved. This Anime seems to be used as a trolling tool used by ignorant dumbasses.

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Predictions for 2013



While I am an atheist, I am also an “end of the world” fanatic. While I do believe in science, I am still interested in predictions. NO POSTDICTIONS ARE MADE HERE!

My Predictions

Cape Hatteras will be hit by a hurricane before the end of the 2013 Hurricane Season.[Prediction]

Large earthquake possible for South Pacific. [link]

NOTE: I predicted this less 1 hour before a big earthquake hit the area. I said it at 7:36pm(EDT). [Prediction]

I predict a driver or fan death at some point in the NASCAR, NHRA, Indycar, F1, or another major globally televised race season in 2013. It will result in major changes for motorsports.[link] [CORRECT]

There WILL be a major terrorist attack against a western nation this year. It will either be the US, UK, or France.[Prediction] [CORRECT]

Tokyo will win the bid to host the 2020 Olympics. [prediction]

Takuma Sato will win the 2013 Indy 500. [Prediction]

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