Anime Dubs or subs: Your argument means NOTHING!


(Artist: Jarakin)

For fuck knows how long, most English-speaking anime fans have fought over what is better or what they prefer; Japanese voices and english subtitles(subs) or English language voices dubbed over the original voices(dubs). So, which one is better? Contrary to popular belief, there is no one single answer. There are good dubs and bad dubs. There are good originals and bad originals. There are times where the dub is better than the original and visa-versa.

Now instead of making a long-winded rant about why this argument in general is fucking ignorant, I’ll just state the following: If you do not speak Japanese fluently, then your opinion on the Japanese voice acting is null and void because what sounds great in one language may sound like shit to a native or fluent speaker of the Japanese language. I didn’t realize that until I bothered to learn the Japanese language and what I thought was good acting started to sound pretty mediocre at best.


Sorry, but your ignorant bias for Japanese actors and against english actors is fucking ridiculous so spare everybody your bullshit because nobody that understands Japanese wants to see it.

My 2-D attraction isn’t the same in real life


(Photo: Rin Kokonoe w/ her voice actor Eri Kitamura)


Every person that opposes lolicon legalization seem have it in their minds that all lolicon fans are pedophiles and that it is not possible to not be attracted to children if you’re attracted to 2-D “children.” Well, as someone that actually knows lolicon a hell of a lot more than you do, let me be the first to say that my attraction to 2-D differs from my attraction to 3-D(real life)….well, to an extent. You see, When it comes to 2-D, almost every girl(in modern anime) and some guys are attractive to me. And while I love loli and it is my biggest 2-D attraction, it is not however my exclusive attraction. For example, I also like traps(hence why I said “some guys”) and non-loli anime girls(Example: Nagisa Furukawa’s mom….deliciously nailable).

Why I stopped watching ecchi


(Art by: Kantoku)

NOTE: This is post is primarily about ecchi-harem Anime.

I have been an anime fan for many years, and in those years I’ve seen hundreds of Anime. In my early years, I use to enjoy and crave ecchi harem Anime. I use to love watching panty shots, nude scenes and the main male character making several screw ups that look like sexual harassment and sexual assault and his reaction to said incidents. But after a while, I started to realize just how ridiculous it was and I started watch it less and less and now it’s rare for me to watch such Anime. Why? The reason might not be what you think it is.

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