Predictions for 2013



While I am an atheist, I am also an “end of the world” fanatic. While I do believe in science, I am still interested in predictions. NO POSTDICTIONS ARE MADE HERE!

My Predictions

Cape Hatteras will be hit by a hurricane before the end of the 2013 Hurricane Season.[Prediction]

Large earthquake possible for South Pacific. [link]

NOTE: I predicted this less 1 hour before a big earthquake hit the area. I said it at 7:36pm(EDT). [Prediction]

I predict a driver or fan death at some point in the NASCAR, NHRA, Indycar, F1, or another major globally televised race season in 2013. It will result in major changes for motorsports.[link] [CORRECT]

There WILL be a major terrorist attack against a western nation this year. It will either be the US, UK, or France.[Prediction] [CORRECT]

Tokyo will win the bid to host the 2020 Olympics. [prediction]

Takuma Sato will win the 2013 Indy 500. [Prediction]

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