Shelter – Anime or not?

Sister Post: Anime is NOT a style or art form.

Is Shelter by Porter Robinson an anime? That is a debate now popping up after the short music video was worked on by A-1 Pictures and Half H.P Studio.  The creator isn’t Japanese but the rest of the staff that worked on it sure as hell is. So is it an anime? As someone with +500 under my belt and over a decade of anime obsession, I can say with no doubt that YES, it is an anime.  And before you complain about me trying to join the idiots in redefining anime, keep in mind that I do not believe RWBY, Teen Titans, Totally Spies, etc are anime. They were all exclusively western-made creations with little to no Japanese staff.
If you wish to not call it anime, then let me ask you this: Do you count No Game No Life and Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi as an anime? How about the upcoming anime series, Clockwork Planet? You do? Did you know the creator and Original Character Designer for those anime is a Brazilian named Thiago Furukawa Lucas? Still not convinced? Do you know what those ANIME and Shelter have in common? They are listed on the top 3 anime encyclopedias(MyAnimeList, Anime News Network, & Anime Database). Do you see any cartoons on their database?
So if you want to argue about what is and isn’t anime, see my sister post on what anime is. But odds are, I have experience and numbers over a majority of those arguing about this crap so pardon me if I snicker at rookie anime fans trying to define anime…. 

Dealing with Cyberbullying

(Artist: Meow/Nekodenki)
Since 2007, I have been the target of what people would call “cyberbullying” on a nearly daily basis and I have neither reported it(to websites or the police) nor have I let it push me to the point of crying or self-harm.
The reason “cyberbullying” doesn’t bother me is because I HAVE A MASSIVE EGO! I am also highly self-confident(most of the time). Oh, and because I’m not a spineless bastard. I rarely faced bullying in middle/high school because I didn’t allow any bullying to get any sort of reaction out of me. Plus people knew that I would “snitch” on them in a heartbeat if they tried any bullshit with me. But this isn’t about real life bullying(or lack thereof), this is about “cyberbullying.”
Before, I handled cyberbullying by challenging trolls head-on in a debate/argument. But now, I have a blog to post my opinions so I don’t have to repeat the same fucking shit over and over every time someone targets me – I could just link them to said blog. But now I handle things differently. When someone calls me a “weeaboo”, I go full-fucking-weeaboo. When someone falsely calls me a pedo over lolicon, I post even more loli. When someone encourages me to kill myself, I make my online presence known even more. In other words, when someone targets me for some reason, I increase the reason for their bullshit 10-fold.
If you are ever bullied on or offline, instead of crying, going on a killing spree, hurting yourself, or killing yourself, remember these words: You aren’t being bullied by someone better than you, you are being bullied by someone inferior to you. What do I mean? Only the inferior feels the need to make others feel like complete shit for kicks and giggles. You NEVER see successful or good people going around targeting individuals to torment for no good reason. You only see those who are worth nothing and have nothing doing it. Don’t believe me? Travel to W Mulberry St/N Fremont Ave in Baltimore, MD and walk down the street doing something you like, and watch the assholes roll in to bother you(or worse). Now go to Midtown Manhattan in New York doing the same shit, and not a single person will target you for ridicule out of enjoyment. ONLY the inferior bullies/trolls individuals.
That mindset is a big reason why I do not let “cyberbullying” bother me.  But then again, I don’t actually believe “cyberbullying” is nearly as bad as real life bullying. YOU have the ability to BLOCK people that bother you online. YOU have the choice to read what someones says to you online. YOU have the choice to login to a social networking website. Cyberbullying is self-inflicted because YOU have the freedom to handle the situation quickly, unlike bullying in REAL LIFE. If cyberbullies bother you that much and you can’t simply blow them off, then maybe you should stay off social networking websites all together because the world is FULL of assholes. You can either accept that fact and ignore them, become them, challenge them, or let them bother you. Simple as that.



(Artist: 箭飾ちのん)


Every now and then, a business would do something so stupid that it’s breathtaking: Reject law enforcement. It is undoubtedly the dumbest thing a business could do short of setting fire to their own establishment in front of their insurance agent and claiming accident insurance. I understand it is the right of a business to reject anybody for any reason(not necessarily true) but that doesn’t mean such actions will go unpunished. ANY business that rejects law enforcement as consumers in ANY way should be “blackballed” by local departments, which would be legal, I guess, thanks to Warren v. District of Columbia, Castle Rock v. Gonzales, and other similar court rulings.

If you do not want police officers as consumers or police officers carrying their weapon inside, then fucking protect yourselves and do your own investigating when you’re robbed. Don’t expect protection from those you reject. Ever heard of the phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” or “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”? Yeah, our parents told us that as kids and that applies here.

And what in god’s name makes you think it’s a great idea to reject what is, for all intent and purpose, FREE SECURITY? A smart business would welcome law enforcement at any time, grant them discounts(or free meals), and treat them like they are special VIP consumers. Only a really stupid or desperate criminal would attempt to rob a business that is known to be pro-law enforcement, and therefore, likely occupied by law enforcement most of the day.

Funny how some business will reject police officers but the minute someone robs them or causes a massive disturbance, they are quick to threaten to or actually call the same police they reject. So, police departments that face an anti-police business should refuse to respond to 911 calls to said businesses unless there is a life threatening situation underway. And any business that rejects law enforcement should start calling thugs for protection or defend themselves.

Oh, and don’t give me this “we pay their salary(taxes)” bullshit because you don’t exactly have a choice, now do you? So don’t speak as if you CHOOSE to “pay their salary” because you either pay taxes or you get a visit from the police you rejected, simple as that.  Funny how that works, huh? Hell, I’m pretty sure if you put a law on the ballot in every state asking voters if ‘law enforcement should be allowed to refuse to respond to businesses that do not allow police’, a majority of those voters, those TAXPAYERS, would vote YES. But that’s beside the point and I think I already made mine.