Legal Notice

Images, videos, and DMCA request

All images you see are uploaded within compliance of Japanese copyright law, but the owners of said images are free to request they be taken down and such request will be respected. If you see ANY images on this site that is your’s and you would like to see them taken down or whatever, contact me and we will work something out or I’ll respect your request and remove it.  ALL the images on this site were made in Japan and there for I follow by Japanese copyright laws, not American copyright laws outside of DMCA request. If O failed to give credit to the creators of ALL of the images, if is only because I forgot or couldn’t locate the owner’s website.

NOTE: DMCA will only be respected if you do the following:


  • Include your Name, Username, Alias, or Pseudonym
  • Supply PROOF that the image in question is YOURS!
  • Supply the blog link that has the image in question
If you are missing any of those, you will be rejected.

ALL text on this website is copyrighted by me, Akemi Mokoto. You CANNOT reuse, redistribute, or edit ANYTHING you see on this website without the authorized written and spoken consent of me unless you give me credit. EVERY word I post on this blog is automatically copyrighted and I will be alerted if anything on this blog is reused anywhere. I do not mind people re-posting this IF they link to the blog post they got it from and give me credit. I am not a snob.

Content and legality

Lolicon(some of the pics you see on this site) is LEGAL in the US, Japan, and other countries. But this will only be about the US. In 2002 the US Supreme Courts ruled in a 7-2 ruling that virtual child porn is LEGAL![link] This was affirmed in 2003. It was upheld in 2008, kind of.[link 1] [link 2][Link 3]. In Ohio the high courts also ruled that Virtual Child Porn is LEGAL, if real children were not used[link 1] [link 2]. My host does NOT prohibit sexual or pornographic content if it is legal. I emailed a Comic Book Legal Defense Fund lawyer who told me that lolicon was “not de facto legal or illegal.” That translates to not prosecutable without extra charges.  This blog is UNTOUCHABLE! So do not waste your time bitching.


PS: No, lolicon does not = pedophilia.[link]