Trump: Russian puppet or just another president?

(Artist: Shibafu)

Some, including me, have accused President Trump of being a bit too close to the Russians and almost coming off as a Russian puppet. But is he actually acting any different from his predecessor(s)? Actually, no – not that much. Allow me to elaborate.

When President Obama took office in 2008, he spent 4 years trying to work with Russia and Russia was fairly friendly with him. In 2008, then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin suggested that US-Russian relations should improve when President Obama takes office. In 2009, both the US and Russia mutually agreed that relations between the two countries had improved as the two countries started working together more. President Obama and then President Medvedev even went out for hamburgers in 2010. President Obama caught a LOT of shit in 2012 after he was caught telling President Medvedev that he needs more space until after the 2012 election to change the missile defenses that were bothering Russia.

US-Russia relations didn’t start to take a turn for the worst until late 2012 due to the situation in Syria, of course there was a short issue between the US and Russia over Russia’s involvement in Georgia in 2008 but not enough to call the relations between the US/Russia “damaged.” But regardless, what Trump is doing isn’t unheard of considering his predecessor tried to make friends with the Russians too. There are some issues with President Trump and Russia possibly being in communication before he was even elected but aside from that, there is nothing out of the ordinary and odds are, Trump will end up failing to make nice with Russia. That is assuming he isn’t actually a Russian puppet that will flee to Russia when his possible treason is discovered, like how the former President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. If you don’t know who he is, he was also very pro-Russian, democratically elected and even did things that weakened the Ukraine like refusing to join NATO and opting for kissing Russia’s ass. He fled to Russia on February 21st, 2014 – Just one day after Russia started its attack on the Ukraine.

Is President Trump the next Viktor Yanukovych or is he an overly-optimistic GOP-version of President Obama? Only time will tell.

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