Black Lives Matter hypocrisy



There is a lot of hypocrisy going around in the Black Lives Matter movement and I want to point it out.

Race Pride

There is a sizable chunk, dare I say a majority, of Black Lives Matter that likes to take pride in being Black. I am not sure why anybody would be proud to be something they were borne as, but if that’s your think – so be it. But if a WHITE person dares take pride in being white, they are labeled as “racist” or “hateful.” This level of hypocrisy isn’t isolated to the Black community but it is most predominant in it. It’s damn hypocritical to “do as I say, not as I do.”  Wouldn’t you say?

Hand Signs

Some call it “raised fist” but in the US, 9 times out of 10 – it’s the “Black Power fist.” The fist was adopted by the Black Panthers and other Black Power/Black Liberation militants and has been their one and only hand sign(excluding gang signs) since the mid 1900s. One could argue that the fist is meant to show support for whatever, but one could also argue that the Bellamy/Roman/Nazi salute is a sign of friendship and trust towards whatever. Of course, it’s different because….you know, Blacks shouldn’t be criticized or held to the same standards as Whites.

And yeah, the Nazi did terrible things but that was +70 years ago, but guess what? So did the Black Panther Party +30 years ago. Again, Black Lives Matter hypocrisy.


Counting murders against blacks by non-law enforcement(fact: most of the murders were also done by blacks – funny that, huh?)

Chicago: 900,000 Blacks – 17 blacks killed per 100,000 blacks – 1.5 blacks killed by cops per 100,000 Blacks

St Louis: 150,000 Blacks – 50 per 100,000 – Cops vs Blacks = 3.3 per 100,000

Baltimore: 400,000 Blacks – 55 per 100,000 – Cops vs Blacks =  2.5 per 100,000

United States: 7,000 Blacks – 17 per 100,000 – Cops vs Blacks = 0.5 per 100,000

How the fuck can you go around saying BLACK LIVES MATTER when it’s Black people taking black lives the most in terms of total numbers and per capita? In all 3 of those cities, a majority of homicides do not result in a suspect being arrested – and you want to know why? It isn’t because the police aren’t doing their jobs, it’s because the same people chanting BLACK LIVES MATTER aren’t willing to let the police do their job. They won’t “snitch” out of fear of being targeted by gangs or simply because they don’t like the police. That last reason is pretty funny when you look at who kills who more. The Black Lives Matter crowd is only focusing on police shootings, not the BIGGEST problem which is Black on Black(or Black on anybody) shootings because….you know, they’re black, so they can do no wrong.  Hypocrisy!

Black Lives Matter

The very WORD Black Lives Matter should come off as discriminatory as it the name is pretty direct. But nope, not to the black community and the supporters of the movement. But along comes White Lives Matter and INSTANTLY it’s racist because….WHITE PEOPLE! Then along comes All Lives Matter and, again, RACIST! BLACK Lives Matter isn’t racist, but ALL Lives Matter is racist? Are you fucking kidding me? The name itself is all inclusive but since Black Lives Matter is just a wing of the New Black Panthers Party, any sort of race inclusiveness goes directly against their Black Liberation bullshit. You’ll exploit any White person that wants to support you but when they want their life to matter too – you’re a racist bigot….The hypocrisy couldn’t be more obvious.

Shawn King

If you look up the word Hypocrisy online, Shawn King’s image should show up on Wikipedia’s articles. He is the living breathing embodiment of not only hypocrisy, but racism. Every thing he says includes the word “White” and it is always negative. As someone who plays a big part in the Black Lives Matter movement, one could attribute their hypocrisy to his hypocrisy. His priority is attacking the police, demonizing whites, and promoting black power – which should be obvious by just reading his Twitter or…anything he’s ever posted online. Of course, call him out for his hypocrisy and you’ll get blocked and even censored by Twitter.


So as you can see, the Black Lives Matter movement is full of shit and bleeds hypocrisy and anti white racism and anti-cop bullshit and that is one of the many reasons why I do not support them or even respect them or what they CLAIM to oppose. They are simply using “police brutality” as a disguise for their actual goal: Black Power, cops that are too afraid to protect themselves/others, and dead cops. Shame on any person that can back BLM and not even call them out for their bullshit.

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