Shelter – Anime or not?

Sister Post: Anime is NOT a style or art form.

Is Shelter by Porter Robinson an anime? That is a debate now popping up after the short music video was worked on by A-1 Pictures and Half H.P Studio.  The creator isn’t Japanese but the rest of the staff that worked on it sure as hell is. So is it an anime? As someone with +500 under my belt and over a decade of anime obsession, I can say with no doubt that YES, it is an anime.  And before you complain about me trying to join the idiots in redefining anime, keep in mind that I do not believe RWBY, Teen Titans, Totally Spies, etc are anime. They were all exclusively western-made creations with little to no Japanese staff.
If you wish to not call it anime, then let me ask you this: Do you count No Game No Life and Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi as an anime? How about the upcoming anime series, Clockwork Planet? You do? Did you know the creator and Original Character Designer for those anime is a Brazilian named Thiago Furukawa Lucas? Still not convinced? Do you know what those ANIME and Shelter have in common? They are listed on the top 3 anime encyclopedias(MyAnimeList, Anime News Network, & Anime Database). Do you see any cartoons on their database?
So if you want to argue about what is and isn’t anime, see my sister post on what anime is. But odds are, I have experience and numbers over a majority of those arguing about this crap so pardon me if I snicker at rookie anime fans trying to define anime…. 
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