Violence against women in media – The issue that isn’t an issue


(Artist: Mizu Asato)

Once again, the liberal media is up in arms over something else! This time, it’s the new X-Men’s poster showing some dude grabbing some chick by the neck. The liberal media is crying “VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!” Oh surprise-surprise, a series that depicts nothing but violence has a poster depicting violence. OH THE FUCK WOULD OF EXPECTED IT! This is another clear example of people being way too sensitive over something that doesn’t matter one bit. I’m not saying violence against women doesn’t matter, I’m saying that what is depicted in FICTION doesn’t matter.

If you do not like it, do not watch it. The woman depicted in the poster in question was fine with it(apparently), and that is all that matters. It wasn’t you being grabbed, the poster hasn’t resulted in women everywhere getting the living shit beat out of them by men, so what is the issue? Other than the fact that the people complaining are over-sensitive pussies that think too much? Nothing! I hate to point out the obvious but NO ACTUAL WOMEN ARE HURT DURING THE FILMING OF [insert name here]! I am starting to think we need to put that in the opening credits of every form of entertainment that involves women, in the same way that we use to do in films involving animals.

And why in the goddamn hell are some people saying the X-Men’s ad “promotes violence against women”? What drugs are you people on? Talk about a massive exaggeration. Apparently, the entertainment industry is no longer allowed to depict violence if a woman is involved unless the woman is the one inflicting the violence. The issue of liberals whining about fictional violence against fictional women isn’t new, not by a long shot. I’ve seen pieces written as far back as the 1970’s where people are complaining about this non-issue.

It is time for people to stop trying to make mountains out of mole hills and grow a goddamn backbone, or if that is too much for your whiny ass to do, make your own shit and depict women in a dominating manner….oh wait…there are already many movies and TV shows depicting that and the outrage about that has been almost non-existent.

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