(Artist: at2.)
I know it’s been a while since I made a blog post but what do you expect? I’m not creative. So, let’s get to it.
It’s about time for someone to say this and that someone will be ME: World leaders and organizations constantly calling for the end of nuclear weapons are wasting their time on a fucking pipedream. Nuclear weapons will NEVER be phased out until a better more powerful and effective weapon is constructed. Since 1945(71 years), 9 countries have gained nuclear weapons, an average of one country every 7-8 years steps into the global nuclear playground. Nuclear weapons are not going ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON and anybody that believes otherwise have their head so far in the clouds that they can see noctilucent clouds.
NONE of the country that currently has nuclear weapons are going to completely do away with all their nuclear weapons.  Want to know why I’m so sure that no country is going to get rid of their nuclear weapons? Because world peace doesn’t exist and neither does total trust among all countries with nuclear weapons. Hell, it has been 46-years since the NPT was ratified and put into force, only 4 countries have actually abandoned nuclear weapons altogether THAT WE KNOW OF: South Africa, Ukraine,  Belarus, and Kazakhstan and none of those 4 countries had their nuclear weapons for longer than 10-years and 2 of those 4 countries only gave Russia their nuclear weapons. To sum it up for you, a country hasn’t gotten rid of all their nuclear weapons in 20 years. If anything, the remaining countries with nuclear weapons have either been developing other ways to deliver nukes or have been preparing to use them if necessary. 
The world needs to get over it, this planet isn’t doing away with nuclear weapons anytime in our lifetimes and more than likely, someone will use nuclear weapons again. If the US, Russia, or China one day claim to have done away with their entire nuclear arsenal then they likely only hid their stash and will use it when the time is right.  Accept it and prepare for it, because this is the reality of the world we live in. Just watch Saikano and you’ll see what I mean.
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