The Police – Part 2: Fuck the ungrateful


(Artist: Onibi/Foxhound4185)

Sister post: Part 1 – Brutality 

With an increasing number of civilians, media figures, celebrities, and politicians openly expressing anti-police rhetoric and trying to make police officers jobs harder & more dangerous than it already is, it is time to start considering the option of NOT protecting and serving the public in general. Not sure where I am going with this? Let me put it this way: You speak out against the police or try and make police officers lives harder, they ignore your cries for help.

Police departments around the country should start to consider the option of refusing to help individuals and neighborhoods that are known to be a problem for police. If you hate the police or hate how they do their job so much, fucking protect yourself.  If someone walks into CNN’s news headquarters or a court room and shoots up the place, don’t call the police because you turned your back on them. Go call someone over in the “West End” and see how many of those thugs you support will come running in to help your ass.

Police officers have no legal obligation to protect civilians and they should make that clear in areas that are hostile towards police. Investigate your own crimes, clean up your own bodies, protect yourself if you don’t like the police that much. I am 100% sure that sooner or later, the assholes that are anti-police or critical of the police will be BEGGING the police to help them. Everybody is anti-police until they actually need the police.

It isn’t thugs that run into an active shooter situation, it’s police. It isn’t thugs that put their lives on the line for complete strangers, it’s the police. So do not bite the hand that protects you because, believe it or not, you may one day need that hand.

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