Greatest military in the world? Not America’s!


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[Sister post: America is NOT the greatest country]

Originally, I planned to rant about one thing but the resulting post was too small to blog, so I decided to expand it into a massive rant. So…here goes:

MOST Americans believe the US military is the greatest fuckin’ fighting force in the world and that nobody can stop it. For a while, I too believed that was the case but I realized how delusional it is to believe such a thing and so that all came to an end. I hate to break the news to you, America, but EVERY empire eventually falls. History has proven it repeatedly, every powerful nation eventually loses it’s glory and power and becomes the bitch of another country. The US is no exception.

Believe it or not, the US is not some undefeated global superpower that kicks ass in every war. Since the US came to be, this country has been involved(only including wars that are over) in 92 wars and our win-loss record is not 92-0-0. It is 74-6-12.

To put that into perspective, Russia has been involved in 95 wars since it came to be. It’s record is 64 or 65-19-11. Now before you start saying “HA! AMERICA IS BETTER THAN RUSSIA”, keep in mind that of the 5 wars Russia and the US were on opposite sides, Russia came out the victor in 4 of those wars and neither came out the victor in one of the wars. So historically, the US has never beat Russia in any war(direct, coalition, or proxy). I am not a pro-Russia guy, I am just stating the facts.

Now, this might come as a shock to people, but China has only been involved in 10 wars in the past 100 years(unable to find reliable info on wars beyond the 1900s). Of those, their record is 5-1-4. That’s right, contrary to popular ignorant American beliefs, China isn’t an aggressive power-hungry country. I’m not saying it’s a great country, just that it’s not war-hungry. Now keep in mind that in ALL of these wars, I am only including wars involving foreign countries, not civil matters.

Overall, if history is any judge, the United States would lose if it decided to go head-to-head with Russia or China. Russia has power and experience(of wiping our ass) and China has power, money, and numbers. The US only has power and money. So the next time you go on a patriotic bullshit spewing festival about America’s greatness, remember that the US has lost wars and it has never beat Russia. And if you still want to say America’s military is the best, keep in mind that, again contrary to ignorant American beliefs, France has won 6 times as many wars as the US has. That is almost 500 victory’s for France. If you want to talk about the greatest military in the world, look at France.

America? Between you, China, and Russia, I’d prefer to live in America if I had to pick but militarily, you aren’t as great as you think you are. Don’t piss off China or Russia, because Russia alone could beat you(again) and Russia and China teaming up….you wouldn’t stand a chance even with the aid of Japan, and the UK.

Finally, the thing I originally planned to bitch about: EVERY American has heard someone say that the US military are “fighting for your freedom” or something similar to that. It took me a while to think about those words and when I did, I realized something: That is total fucking bullshit. Now, I am NOT bashing the US military. I respect the US military(and other foreign military), but the fact of the matter is that it’s a bullshit statement. The last time the US military actually went to war for our freedom was during the War of 1812. Since then, there has not been a SINGLE war where the US military actually battled for our freedom. For the freedom of a foreign population, yes, but US? No. Stop saying the troops are fighting for our freedom because in reality, they are either fighting for the government, fighting for foreign freedom, or fighting just for the fucking hell of it.


  1. The War of 1812
  2. The Second Seminole War
  3. Snake War
  4. Red Cloud’s War
  5. Russian Civil War
  6. First Indochina War
  7. Laotian Civil War
  8. Vietnam War
  9. Bay of Pigs Invasion
  10. Cambodian Civil War
  11. Angolan Civil War
  12. Lebanese Civil War
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