My 2-D attraction isn’t the same in real life


(Photo: Rin Kokonoe w/ her voice actor Eri Kitamura)


Every person that opposes lolicon legalization seem have it in their minds that all lolicon fans are pedophiles and that it is not possible to not be attracted to children if you’re attracted to 2-D “children.” Well, as someone that actually knows lolicon a hell of a lot more than you do, let me be the first to say that my attraction to 2-D differs from my attraction to 3-D(real life)….well, to an extent. You see, When it comes to 2-D, almost every girl(in modern anime) and some guys are attractive to me. And while I love loli and it is my biggest 2-D attraction, it is not however my exclusive attraction. For example, I also like traps(hence why I said “some guys”) and non-loli anime girls(Example: Nagisa Furukawa’s mom….deliciously nailable).

As for real life, my interest isn’t as wide because when it comes to 3-D, my primary attraction is with Japanese girls and unfortunately for my critics and the “LOLICON FANS ARE PEDOPHILES!” crowd, my attraction has failed to extend to the level of pedophilia(medically or socially) since I cannot see the sexual appeal of human children or girls that role play as children in pornography(uh…eww…). Don’t ask me why, but I find them about as attractive as a kitten or puppy(as in NOT attractive). But anyway, back to Japanese girls. As long as a Japanese girl isn’t one of those disgusting ganguro whores, and the girl is not physically old, I’d probably consider said girl attractive…and I said probably…not absolutely. Girls like Airi Sato, Mei Itoya, Aya Shiina, Asuka Hoshino, and Aino Kishi.

Now, just as the case is with 2-D, my attraction to something in 3-D isn’t exclusive. I do find many non-Japanese girls attractive. Hell, in many cases I have seen a non-Japanese girl that was more attractive than many Japanese girls that I find attractive. For example, there is Kasia(Kasia Uscilko) of Poland(only attractive Polish girl ever) and Monroe(Katerina Kozlova) of Russia(delicious pure white girls). But in the end, as long as a girl is not fat and is not old, I MIGHT consider her attractive regardless of height or boob size(to an extent). Regardless, it is much harder for me to find a non-Japanese girl attractive than it is for me to find a Japanese girl attractive….and it’s harder for me to find a Japanese girl attractive than it is for me to find an anime girl attractive.

And just as I’ve never seen an attractive child, I’ve also never seen an attractive guy in real life. And just as attractive children do not exist, attractive traps do not exist either. Black girls? Rarely attractive to me. Fat girls? Never. Indian? Never seen an attractive Indian. Arab? Nope. American? Quasi-uncommon to find attractive. And so on.

This is likely the case with most lolicon fans. Either that or their attraction to anything is only with 2-D girls. Some people find white girls attractive and not black girls. Some people find fat girls attractive, and not skinny girls, some people find particular races or other features attractive and not others….and some people can find 2-D loli’s attractive and not 3-D. Yeah, it’s hard to believe it but people CAN have attractions that are different from your own?! Shocking, ain’t it?! Who’d’a’ thunk it?! Fuckers. One word: Schediaphilia.

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