Vaccinate your damn child

kango shichauzo

(From: Kango Shichauzo)

I am tired of the debate regarding parents rights to not vaccinate their child. I’m not so much tired of it because it’s a debate that’s been going on for a while as it is the fact that it shouldn’t even be a fucking debate. There are 3 reasons I’ve heard from people as to why they do not vaccinate their child, pet, or self:

1) It is against their personal beliefs/religion

2) It causes Autism, cancer, etc.

3) Laziness

For the parents that do not vaccinate children for personal/religious reasons, I have a little secret to tell you: Children are NOT your personal property! Neither are pets. They are living creatures that you are suppose to take care of and do anything you can to keep them alive. If you are ignoring the advice of a majority of medical experts to vaccinate your child, then you deserve to lose that child or pet because you are not doing all you can and that makes you a terrible parent. If you do not want to vaccinate yourself, fine. Die. I don’t care, it just means there is one less idiot walking the earth. But to then put your child at risk because of your beliefs?! Fuck your beliefs. Human life matters more than your stupid ass religion.

Now, this should be fun: Since I am not medically qualified to make statements, I’ll go ahead and go by the majority of medical experts when I say VACCINATIONS ARE NOT GOING TO KILL YOU! Billions of people have been or do get vaccinated every year around the world and a minority of them suffer serious or fatal after effects. I won’t even humor the idea that vaccines cause Autism because that’s a laughable statement. The CDC, WHO, AAP, and IoM all agree that it is BS and, as I said, I am not a medical professional so I go by what the experts say. I know my place, which is why I don’t try and act like I know more than medical experts. If you want to believe vaccines create more problems than they fix, then fine. You are a bad parent with mental issues and I hope with all of my might that you lose custody of your kids and any pets you have before you listen to the voices coming from your tinfoil hat and kill every living thing in your trailer home.

So overall, if you are not qualified to disagree with a medical professional, shut your mouth because nobody with a working brain would listen to Bill the waste disposal truck driver give his contradictory opinion on anything related to medicine. Listen to the majority of doctors like a reasonable person, ok? And As for the lazy folks…..fuck you.

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