The Police – Part 1: Brutality


ART BY: Ergot

This blog is apart of a 2 part series covering 2 big topics: 1) Brutality. 2) Militarization. Both only about police in the United States. Part 2 will be released eventually. So, without further ado, let’s get started shall we?

The role of the police is to protect the masses and uphold the law. The role of the masses is to call the police for help and follow the law. That is the way it’s been since for fuck knows how long. But throughout history, the police have been getting a bad rep. Especially among minorities, most notably, blacks. For that, we can blame the actions of law enforcement back when segregation was common practice and widespread. But in recent events, the police have faced a lot of hostility. If a cop shoot someone it’s local news. But here’s the kicker: The only time it makes it in the national spotlight is when a black person is shot by a white cop AND only when either witnesses or family yells brutality. As a result, the hostility towards police has increased. We have the media to thank for that….and also, blacks. Sad thing is, when the roles are reversed, the media only covers the unjustified shooting of a cop when several are gunned down or under extraordinary circumstances. That says a lot about the media, doesn’t it?

So anyway, every time a police officer even handcuffs someone, especially in a predominately black area, everybody starts yelling at the police officer. I saw a WANTED child rapist being arrested by police a few years ago in Portsmouth(or was it Norfolk?) in Virginia while I was on a “ride along” and who was everybody yelling at? The police officers. In defense of the hecklers, I don’t think they knew what was happening, the poor ignorant peons.

In late 2013, an ex-NFL star took his girlfriend hostage and held a knife to her throat threatening to kill her. Police were forced to open fire on that man(he survived). Those who paid attention to that story knows that “witnesses” immediately blamed police and painted the suspect has a victim of police brutality. Hell, the Chief of Police said he had over 100 people yelling that the suspect was shot for doing nothing but sleeping in his own bed, which is also what witnesses also said to the local news media. Forward to 3 months later, and police released body cam footage of the officers involved in the shooting and that footage showed the witnesses lied because the guy was wide awake and had a knife threatening his girlfriend…and he was NOT sleeping in bed.

That brings me to my first point: Witnesses of police “brutality” aren’t always trustworthy. I especially exercise extreme caution when I hear a black person mention anything related to police misconduct or even a teenager – young adult(regardless of race). I typically do what others seem to not do: WAIT FOR THE WHOLE STORY. I don’t instantly start blaming the cop or the suspect until I hear both sides of the story. There are times where I went with the suspects story and times where I went with the cops story.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not racist. My best friend is black….ok, that’s a lie, but my father is in fact black, and so is my adoptive parents(good people) and their adult children(both former & active law enforcement officers) are too. I have no hate towards black people, but I do have a problem with the way many blacks view police, and the same with libertarians view on police.

Most Blacks and most(if not all) libertarians seem to believe that the police are bad, corrupt, and/or racist. Why? Again, it’s thanks to the media. It seems like every week there’s a new story about a white cop killing a black person. Never a Mexican, white, or Asian being killed and even though whites and Mexicans do get shot by police but nobody seems to care. Is blacks vs white the only thing that matters?!

….Now I’m getting off topic. On to my next point, which is about police on general. Not all cops are bad. Hell, a majority of cops are good people. According to the CATO Institute, almost 7,000 police officers are accused of excessive force or brutality every year. Now, that’s of AT LEAST 500,000 full & part time local/state police officers. That’s about 1.5% of police officers that are accused of police brutality in a given year. That doesn’t mean they were convicted or clear, but simply accused. And before you say I picked that “7,000” stat from the CATO Institute because it helps my case, keep in mind that the CATO Institute numbers are the same numbers & group that cop hating idiots like “Cop Block”(Group) and “Police Brutality”(Website) seem to cite when they elect to bash police officers on a daily basis. But if you have better stats from a RELIABLE source, feel free to email me.

In saying that, I have a question: Does 1.5% = 100% to blacks and libertarians? 1.5% is a damn small number, if you ask me. To put that into context, there are 1 million blacks currently in prison according to the NAACP. That is out of 77 million blacks in the US. That’s about 1.2% of all blacks that are sitting in prison in a given year. Now it seems that most black people are judging an entire group based off the actions of a minority, so by doing this, I can say ‘black people are criminals’, right? Wrong.

Which brings me back to my previous statement: MOST COPS ARE GOOD. Despite the fact that I’m part black, Native American, and Japanese, I’ve never once had a bad encounter with police. I like the police. I trust the police. I fucking respect the police and would undoubtedly help a police officer in trouble. Not to be rude, but I’d trust a random police officer(regardless of race) before is trust a random black fella off the street any day of the week.

On to my last point: PLEASE stop abusing the word “brutality.” If a cop pepper sprays you, tases you, or restrains you, that’s not brutality. When a cop starts beating the holy hell out of you with his/her billy club and stomping a mud hole in your chest or shoots you without any reason, THEN you can call it brutality.

Oh, and by the way, the next time you decide to insult the police, say “fuck the police,” or even attack a cop, remember that you need them more than they need you. Without cops, the United States would become like Somalia or an African nation. The US is bad enough despite a police presence, so can you imagine how bad it would be if we didn’t have them? I rest my case.

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