Incest isn’t a big deal


(Art by: Hashimoto Takashi)

(SISTER POST: Gay Marriage)

For many many years, incest has been seen as taboo, disgusting, and even illegal in many countries. But is it really that bad? The shortest answer is: Not always. Now, I agree that incest involving parents and their offspring or the parents of their offspring children is wrong, no matter what but ONLY because it is highly likely the father or mother raised that child as a sex toy, and that’s unacceptable….but sibling incest and extended family? There’s nothing wrong with that. My opinion on incest is that it’s ok if it’s consentual and both parties are of legal age OR are nearly the same age. Who are you to decide if two consenting adults that happen to be related should of shouldn’t have sex or get married? Why is it even wrong?

The most common reason people give is simply because it’s “disgusting.” If it’s disgusting, don’t do it. That’s not hard, is it? Just because you find it disgusting, that means nobody should be allowed to do it? That’s unfair, selfish, and childish.


Now before someone says something stupid about me, I have siblings, but no passion at all to have sex with them. Maybe if Sora from Yosuga no Sora or Yuki from To-Love Ru was my sister, yes, but that’s another story.

Anyway, the second most common reason is because if both relatives have sex, and the girl gets pregnant, the baby will come out fucked up. But what does the science say about inbreeding?

The science says that, unless there is a long history of inbreeding with said family, the odds of the child they may or may not have coming out screwed up or dead is no higher than the general population’s risk. The risk only increases if incest is prevalent in their genes and has taken place in previous generations. The science also shows that distant relatives that have kids together producer HEARTIER babies than those that don’t engage in such incest. Maybe you should encourage sex with your distant relative if the well-being of a child really matters to you.

The risk aren’t very high either. Inbreeding between 1st cousins only carries a 5% risk of a defect. Inbreeding between siblings, it’s only 7%. That’s not high enough to justify you telling two consenting adults what to do and what not to do.

Preventing two consenting adult siblings from having sex is just as ridiculous as preventing two adult gay people from having sex. Yes, it’s the same thing. Two consenting adults want to have sex, want to get married, and want to be together but they are being held back by society and laws. As I said, that’s unfair.

I know this makes no difference, but I am calling on all countries that have ANY laws against sibling incest to abandon said laws in the interest of fairness and equality. The only incest that should be illegal is incest with a first degree relationship(parents x offspring). Incest is legal in many countries, such as China, India, France, Japan, Netherlands, and even Australia. It’s time for the rest of the world to abandon silly incest laws and let two consenting adults do whatever they want to do with each other.

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