Is it ever ok to hit a woman?


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We are all taught as children to never hit girls, ever. Ask most Westerner people and they will say hitting women is always wrong…but is it really? I personally don’t think so. You see, women are not children, they are adults, they can fend for themselves.

There are circumstances where hitting a woman is ok. Actually, there is only 5 circumstance where it’s ok to hit a woman, or to hit any adult regardless of gender for that matter.

1) To defend ones kids or pets.
2) To defend your property.
3) To defend yourself.
4) If she/he cheats.
5) If she burns your dinner(I’M JOKING, relax…).

Ignoring that last part, I doubt anybody but the dumbest of people will disagree with #1 but I am fairly sure #2 will result in many people disagreeing. I don’t plan to talk about my reasoning for adding #1 in this post since the reason is obvious. I also won’t discuss #2 because everybody prioritizes their property differently. It just so happens my Anime-related property matters more than your not getting hit for INTENTIONALLY breaking it or threatening to. I will however discuss #3 and #4.

First #3: Self defense. If you can make a blow, you better be ready to take a blow. You are an adult, so you should know better & you shouldn’t be surprised if you get hit in the face for hitting a guy in the face. This cliche “women are defenseless” bullshit is just that, bullshit. Some will say “you should just walk away,” but what if she keeps following and hitting you? Are you expected to hide like a coward in a locked room for 10 minutes until police arrive? Hell no. What if she has a weapon? Do you just let her do what she wants? I wouldn’t.

Finally #4: This one will likely get a lot of outrage, but I hate cheaters so much that I don’t even give a shit. If you cheat, you deserve to get hit, maybe even killed. This doesn’t only apply to girls that cheat, but guys too. When I hear or read news stories about guys killing girls or girls killing guys for cheating, I feel no sympathy for the cheater, because cheating hurts. You hurt, you get hurt. I don’t support killing the person they are cheating on you with unless they knew she/he was dating someone.

And while I’m at it, as I said on my other blog post about HITTING CHILDREN, why is not ok to hit women who acts up but it is ok to hit children who acts up? Children are more defenseless than adult women, so…. Is it because you prefer beating on defenseless little kids? If you hit children for any reason beyond immediate life-saving self-defense or the defense of a pet, then kill yourself. Please, I’ll even give you instructions on how to do it if you ask.


Women want to be treated equally, right? Then start treating them COMPLETELY equally. Now despite saying all this, I don’t know how willing I would be to hit a woman or anybody for that matter. I am generally passive and like to avoid physical conflicts…unless it requires I not voice my opinion – then we have a problem because you’ll never silence me, even with threats of violence. And don’t worry, I am only defending some cases of hitting women(or women hitting men), not all. I like to apply logic to most things I say and most of this blog post is based off sound logic. I will admit #4 is solely based off emotion, but everything else: logic. Like it or not, it is ok to hit women.

NOTE: I expect some people to threaten me for this blog post, but remember this: I am well-trained in both physical self-defense and using guns, you’re no threat to me so don’t threaten me, because I promise, you will lose.

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