What’s wrong with Boku no Pico?


(Art from: Boku no Pico)

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Boku no Pico is a popular…well, infamous shota trap hentai by Natural High. It is mostly about Pico, a girly boy, but episode 2 is about Pico’s friend Chico too and episode 3 is about their new friend Coco. 2 of the 3 look like girls. They all engage in sexual activity but there is no rape involved. This Anime seems to be used as a trolling tool used by ignorant dumbasses.

I have grown tired of people freaking out over Boku no Pico, joking about Boku no Pico, and acting like Boku no Pico is the most horrible thing ever created. It seems like everyday, there is a poor bastard asking someone to recommend a romantic or funny Anime and an idiot that always says “Boku no Pico.” If you look on Youtube and search the anime title, you’ll see multiple homophobic idiots losing their goddamn mind over the anime. But why? It’s a simple shota/trap/yaoi hentai. What in it is so horrifying that you have to go ape shit? There are hentai anime depicting graphic rape, murder, torture, scat, NTR, etc but some how, BNP is the thing you bitch about?

I have seen BNP, it’s not bad. It’s simply another cute(but controversial) hentai. There is nothing especially sick or weird about it, but hey, I’m not a homophobic jackass that can’t differentiate between fiction and human, so what do I know?

As I said, there are countless hentai that actually are pretty disgusting(but are ok since it’s FAKE). Here are a few:

Yakin Byoutou: A hentai that depicts horrific rape, shit eating, and forced shitting in a hospital.

Black Bible: It might be the most famous example of rape hentai there is.

Requiem(Anal Sanctuary): A hentai with nothing but shitting and tentacle rape.

Mahou Shoujo Ai: Would you like torture in your porn? You’ll get plenty of it here!

Bondage Game: Ero-guro(gore porn) at its most disgusting.

Please stop acting like BNP is so fucking awful. The joke is dead, old, and worn out. Find some new material!

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