Anime is for children?!


Art by: Kriss Sison

For many years, ignorant westerners have assumed Anime is for children. Maybe due to garbage like Pokemon or maybe because it’s animated. Whatever the reason is, it’s wrong.

Pokemon represents 1% percent of all Anime series. Children’s(under 13 in this case) Anime all together makes up 12% of all Anime. The rest is aimed at teenagers or adults. The simple fact is that Anime isn’t exclusively for children. Actually, It isn’t for adults either; or teenagers. It’s for EVERYBODY! Not every Anime is, but Anime in general.

There are Anime for everybody, old and young. Asian, Middle Eastern, and even African. It covers all genres including Romance, Comedy, tragedy, hentai(hardcore porn), drama, ecchi(sexual/softcore porn?), historical, etc.

You see, unlike in American Animation, which is primarily aimed at children, Anime tends to target a wide range of age groups! Only a small minority of American cartoons are aimed at teens or adults. Anime also tends to deal with topic American cartoons dare not venture towards. Topics like rape, abuse, war, personal struggles, death, etc. You don’t see that in American animation, and the death of a superhero or princess doesn’t count.

Still think it is for children? Watch School Days. Would you let your child watch a teenage manwhore get stabbed to death? Watch Mirai Nikki. Would you let your kid see a girl murder everybody because she is jealous and paranoid? Watch Kodomo no Jikan. Would you let your child watch an elementary school-age girl act hypersexual towards her teacher? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are likely a shitty parent and I hope the Government takes your child away.

Now if you simply think Anime is for children because it is animated, then you are an idiot. Judge something based off what it contains, not how it’s produced. You realize how stupid I just made you look, don’t you?

I think I’ve made my point. Anime isn’t for children, case closed.

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