Predictions for 2014

I am a reasonable person, but I like to sometimes entertain the unscientific…predictions are one of those things. Here is a list of predictions for 2014. No postdictions are made here.


The US West Coast will get hit by a major Earthquake. I am not totally confident in that prediction just yet though. [Prediction]

An American TV Journalist will be killed before/during/after a live broadcast. I think they will be covering a weather event. [Prediction]

There will be a mass shooting at an American hospital. [Prediction]


Denise Guzzardo:

2014 will be the year of the Earthquakes and they will happen in unexpected locations.

Misaki Kimura:

A major earthquake will hit Japan around November 11th.[1]


An Asteroid will hit the Earth, possibly near the 2013 Asteroid impact in Russia.

The US will go to war with Iran

A Tsunami will hit Asia, either in China or Taiwan

A series of scanals involving The Pope will show he was connected with the Dirty War.

The NFL will be declard dangerous and it will fold.

President Obama will be impeached

More Earthquakes in the US and volcanic activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The US will move towards civil war.

Joseph Jacobs:

Syrian civil war will escalate

Kim Jong-Un will get belligerent near the end of the yea.

February, September, and November will be a rough month for weather

Economic issues between March 22 – May 13.

Ed Dames:

April wil kick off global economic issues.

Fukushima will be a bigger issue in 2014.

The sun will go nuts with solar flares.

Denver Psychic Development Group:

Queen Elizabeth will no longer reign (not sure if that’s attributed to declined health or just time to let the throne go). We will lose Prince Philip in 2014 and this may be the event which motivates her to abdicate.

Spring Tornado’s hit in places they don’t normally hit.

Earthquakes in the Midwest, perhaps along the New Madrid fault. The Mississippi River changing course could be a result of such activity

An earthquake in Northern California will occur between the 12th and 16th of May 2014.

Massive droughts in the Midwest affect the world world’s food supply.

The International Space Station has an emergency that will require immediate evacuation of the vehicle.

There will be physical harm to the Sydney Opera House through some natural disaster.

Missiles from North Korea hit a rural part of Japan. There is no damage but again the world comes together against North Korea.

A man will emerge in the Mid-East who will consolidate his political power across national boundaries inside the Gulf States. This new presence will be seen by the West as someone with whom they can work with toward peace between the Mid-East and the West.

Massive flooding in India will kill many, many people. It will be located in East Central India.

Fires will be huge in the Pacific Northwest this summer. Fires will be so large that they will not be able to stop them, only try to manage them.

NASA reveals that their data shows that there is currently life on Mars

There will be a disaster in a Central American sporting venue caused by terror-inspired panic of those in attendance.


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