Racism and the goddamn Unions


Photo by Yakumo Shibata

This is definitely going to be one of my more controversial blog post.

First racism. I think hating someone because of their skin color is stupid as fuck. I also think that no race is better than the other. In saying that, I support hate speech and racist speech in terms of not banning it. If you want to be an asshole, be my guess. As long as you aren’t harassing people, you shouldn’t be in legal trouble for what you say.

I also believe businesses and companies not directly connected to or funded by the Government should be allowed to discriminate during the hiring process. If a company doesn’t want to hire someone because they are black, white, fat, old, a girl, gay, or whatever, that is their right…well, it should be their right. Why? It is their company. The Government should not be allowed to tell a company who to hire or how to hire. You do not have a right to work for a particular company. I think discriminating against someone for silly reasons like race or sexual orientation is stupid but I will oppose any law and support any opposition to allow companies to do just that. Besides, you are allowed to control who you let in your home or on your property, so why not your own business that YOU made and that YOU run? I am sometimes a mind-my-own-business kind of guy.

Speaking of which, the topic the left and right keeps bringing up is the NFL’s Washington Redskins. This should not come as a shock to anybody, but I have no issue with the name. It is a team name, not a race war. I am half-black and half-native American, so I am not some white racist when I say this: I would not care if there was a team called the Massachusetts Crackers, the Mississippi Niggers or Hawaii Japs. I don’t give a shit! It isn’t a big deal. Words tend not to bother me, offensive ones included. It isn’t because I am selfish, I’m not. It is because unlike many Americans, I am not easily offended by things as simple as a team name.

Finally I’d like to talk about the unions and this will be a short one. I do not think you should be allowed to form a union at a company you don’t even run unless the company voluntarily agrees This also applies to local, state, and federal jobs. The Government should stay out of it. If you don’t like the way the business is run, quit. It is simple as that. If you can’t find a job or you need the job, sit your ass down and work. Protesters and those that walk off the job should be instantly fired, no exceptions. There is no good logical reason for a company to keep a belligerent employee on the payroll. That is exactly what an employee that protests instead of work is, a belligerent asshole. Like it or not, most employees are expendable and there are millions of unemployed people that will be more than happy to take you job. Don’t forget that.

In closing, I think America should stop being so fucking sensitive, quick making a big deal out of nothing, and start worrying about things that actually matter. This includes the Confederate Flag, IT ISN’T A BIG DEAL! Quit bitching about it. I am not a liberal and I am DEFINITELY not a conservative. I am a common sense kinda guy, that is all. If you don’t like it, oh well.

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