Lolicon and Shotacon are NOT bad!


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What is lolicon? Since this post is about the non-Japanese definition, I’ll use that one: It is a theme of anime, manga, and eroge in which underage/child-like female anime characters are sexually depicted.

As many of my long time readers and most of my on and offline friends know, I am a fan of lolicon and some shotacon. I have never ONCE denied that or tried to hide it. I’ve been interested in it since 2006 or 2007. In the years that I’ve been interested in it, I’ve heard a very common and ignorant statement. That statement? That ALL lolicon fans are pedophiles and lolicon is CHILD PORN. One of those are false and the other one varies by country.

First I shall address the “pedophile” part. Pedophilia is a psychiatric diagnosis. The “in a nutshell” medical definition of a pedophile is a person with a primary/exclusive sexual attracted to children. You see that world CHILDREN? Well, the definition of a child is a person below the age of majority. A person is defined as a human. By definition alone, you can’t accurately call someone a pedophile simply for being attracted to drawings that look underage, regardless of if you go by the medical definition or social definition. Now, I’ve had a few people mention “pedophilic tendencies” to me after I mentioned the definition of pedophilia and child and if you want to get into “tendencies” then we’ll have to look at what actual experts would call “pedophilic tendencies.” …wait, there is no widely accepted definition for “pedophilic tendencies.” ….Wasted 15 minutes of Google’n for nothing. So, let’s look at what would result in a diagnosis of “pedophilia” by the EXPERTS:

DSM-5: “To be diagnosed as a pedophile, the individual has to either “feel personal distress” about their sexual interest OR have a desire or behavior that harms another PERSON or involves “unwilling or persons unable to give legal consent.”

To go into further explanation,

“Pedophiles would be diagnosed with pedophilic disorder if their attractions toward CHILDREN are causing them guilt, anxiety, alienation, or difficulty in pursuing other personal goals, OR if their urges cause them to approach children for sexual gratification IN REAL LIFE.” -Ray Blanchard, PhD, adjunct psychiatry professor at the University of Toronto and Sexologist

A said some of this before, but I feel the need to say it again: There are a few keywords in that definition: PERSON, CHILDREN, and IN REAL LIFE. I don’t think I have to repeat the definition of a person or child, and I think you all know what “in real life” means. So, as you see, that’s what makes someone a pedophile. There are to pedophilic tendencies unless you’re referring to personality traits, of which there is no general consensus on. There is no dictionary, medical book, or expert on this PLANET that includes an attraction to nonhuman things, such as anime characters, that appear to be or are “underage” as “pedophilic.” An attraction to a flat(or small) chest, small body, immature behavior, etc is not a grounds for a diagnosis of “pedophile,” socially or medically.

So I’m sorry, but there is no expert or definition that would make a person attracted to drawings into a pedophile. Now if you still believe ALL lolicon fans are pedophiles, then you must also believe that people who love Grand Theft Auto and horror movies are Psychopaths. That too is a medical diagnosis. The point is, not all lolicon fans are pedophiles and you have no proof or logic to support the claims that they all are. I’m not a pedophile. I honestly don’t like pedophiles(if they defend their attraction or actions) and I find human children to be physically repulsive and annoying along with many adults. And to be fair, I’ve met many lolicon fans that were pedophiles. I have also met many that were not pedophiles. I have experience with these people(lolicon fans) and lolicon in general so I am fairly sure I know more about lolicon and it’s fans than you do.

NEXT, I shall address the “Lolicon is child porn” claim. Child porn is banned in half of all country. Lolicon is legal in most countries or not yet addressed legally. In Japan, it is legal in spite of opposition from much of the government. In America, it is legal but in a legal grey area according to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It is legal in Switzerland too and that country is know for common sense laws. So, in saying that- Lolicon is not child porn for 2 reasons:

1) The United Nations and most countries define a child as a HUMAN below the age of majority. Anime characters aren’t humans, as I keep saying.

2) Child Porn, as I said, is illegal. Lolicon is not. The law defines Child Porn, not you. Yep, we are back at those pesky definitions again.

Finally I’d like to address the jackasses that want to ban lolicon. There is NO good reason to ban lolicon. Lolicon is fake. One of the few reasons I hear people give when calling for a loli ban is that  “Lolicon will make people sexually abuse children!” No it won’t. There is countless research that shows more porn = lower sex crime. There is a very detailed study from Ayako Uchiyama and Milton Diamond, PH.D. that shows countries with more porn availability have lower sexual crimes. Might I also add that the same studies that have been conducted on video games and violence can be used as reference too? Those too show no connection between fiction and crime. Sexologists Rik van Lunsen and Erik van Bee in the Netherlands concluded that it is best to legalize virtual child porn for this very reason(no harmful impacts). Hell, in 2012 a Danish newspaper pubished a study ordered by the Justice Minister in Denmark to see the effects of fictional child porn and it concluded that there is NO CONNECTION between fictional child porn and the sex abuse of actual children. That was a study ordered by a woman that was hoping to provide proof that there IS just cause to ban fictional child porn and that blew up in her face.

The another common reason people give for wanting it banned is because it’s “disgusting”. Fine, don’t like loli? Shota? DON’T LOOK AT IT! Banning something because you don’t like it isn’t a reason to ban it. It is a reason for you not to look at it. And, you know what? If you still, after all this, want to see loli/shota banned, then lets try this: DRAWINGS DO NOT HAVE ACTUAL AGES. That is one of the many reasons why it is stupid to criminalize loli/shota. Let me ask the anti-loli’s something. Are you proposing police throw people in jail if a girl depicted in fiction LOOKS 8 or actually has an ASSIGNED age by her CREATOR that puts her under 18? If we are talking about your crappy definition of a “child” then how can you tell the difference between a 17 year old and 18 year old anime character when it’s hard enough to do it in real life without an ID? A 17 year old is a child after all(in many countries), right? Or is it different in your mind? Since Anime characters do not have IDs, what do you propose we do to solve this – drop the age of consent? Will you then call for people with sexual anime images of girls that appear to be under 12 to be arrested? Can you tell the difference between 12 and 13? Are fictional girls that are 14 or 16 not worthy of protecting from sexualization in your world? If you are going to go by looks, will you eventually demand pornography depicting adults that look under 18 be banned, thereby treating adults that look young like children? Are you going to then call for adults that have sex with adults that appear to be underage be arrested for child molestation? If you are proposing criminalizing fiction, it’s pretty easy to see a big ass slippery slope not to far out in the distance.

Just as an extra, I’d like to address a statement I’ve seen non-Japanese anime/manga fans repeat a lot: “Lolicon hurts the image of anime.” Some of you may have heard this statement, some may have not but allow me to point out how extremely ridiculous and inaccurate that statement is. There, I did it. Now allow me to save myself time by saying why it’s wrong by default: If you’ve paid any attention to the multiple attempts the Japanese government have tried to regulate loli, you know that a majority of active Anime studios, well-known staffers within the industry, manga/magazine publishers, and authors of manga have spoken out AGAINST the very suggestion that the Japanese government pass any laws or regulations against anime/manga/eroge that sexually depict what appear to be “children.” The fucking industry in Japan obviously has no issue with it by majority, so let me ask you this: Who knows more about what is best for the industry? The moron that is against loli or the industry? If you are too ignorant to know the answer, I’ll give it to you: THE INDUSTRY! So, is loli harmful to the industry? No. What is harmful is governments trying to restrict the creativity of those in the industry.

Also, another thing: Anime/manga piracy websites that take a stand against lolicon because it MIGHT be illegal is about is ridiculous and hypocritical as a terrorist taking a stand against gun violence. You’re either within the law or outside the law and piracy websites are just as much in a legal grey area as loli, but the difference is that the feds seem to care more about piracy than loli so

I think I have made my point very clear. Liking lolicon doesn’t make you a pedophile, it’s not child porn, your reasons for wanting to ban it are down right retarded, and you’ll have a tough time enforcing the laws.


Public survey on if loli/shota/virtual child porn should remain legal:  Sodahead

Anime erotic subculture goes mainstream(MSNBC Article mentioning Lolicon)


  • Hyuji

    This is cool. I wish more people could read this, though i really don’t want to share it on FaceBook, though I did share it on tumblr because most people on it don’t know who I am. You have great courage to actually ADMIT you like lolicon and shotacon. I, however, only like lolicon, but I find it hard to actually tell people that I’m into it. In fact, I don’t think anyone alive actually knows me and knows about this. Well maybe one or two.

    • My family and past and current friends knows I like it. I have no reason to hide it. I’m not going to worry about the ignorant views of others on it. I live to make me happy, not to make others happy.

  • Luke

    That was awesome. X)

  • DonDon

    Would it be possible to have a chat with you about this on skype?

    • I wouldn’t mind that, though it’s not as fun if the discussion isn’t public.

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  • John Dere



  • nar001

    So I wonder, where did you see that Lolicon was legal in Switzerland? I couldn’t find anything about it !

    • Currently my only sources are a 2 friends of mine that live in Switzerland(one is openly a loli-lover). I can only tell you the name of one, he is known famously as Melonpan.

    • I imagine they saw it in the country themselves since they are actually citizens there, and Melonpan is pretty famous and open with regard to loli so if it was illegal, I doubt he would be so open since he’d be in jail. If that isn’t good enough, then read Article 197 of the Swiss Penal Code. If you still want more info, I’ll just contact the Swiss embassy at a later date again.

      • nar001

        Please do ! In the Article, it’s written

        “Any person who produces, imports, stores, markets, advertises,
        exhibits, offers, shows, passes on or makes accessible to others, ac-
        quires, or procures or possesses via electronic media or otherwise
        items or performances as described in paragraph 1 above that contain
        sexual acts involving animals, acts of violence involving adults or non-
        genuine sexual acts with minors is liable to a custodial sentence not exceeding three years or to a monetary penalty.” so I’m not sure anymore !

        • That does not say what is and is not a minor, so it is reasonable to then assume they are going by the legal definition of a minor in the country which is defined as “A person is of age if he or she has reached the age of 18.” under the Swiss Penal Code and Federal Constitution. A person is, by definition, a human. But I’ll let you know what I hear back in terms of an official answer.

          A country that has no clear definition as

  • KNiles83

    From people who said “No” to the public survey, I’ve read arguments like:

    “we need to kill everyone who look at lolicon”
    and talking about slaughtering them in cold blood,

    “Using cartoons to trivialize child porn is DISGUSTING and SICK.
    This QUESTION needs to be DELETED.”


    “report this poll, there’s no limits to perversion”

    All of those comments are written while aggressive and emotional – not after giving it serious thought and writing an actual logical REASON based reply.

    I mean.. about killing lolicon fans; which one would be more detrimental to a society;

    A person who masturbates at _cartoons_ alone in his home and gets his perversions dealt with with something that doesn’t hurt and never will hurt anyone – or a person who is willing to murder countless of people in the blink of an eye because he disagrees with someone’s fetish of looking at drawn pornography?

    How far would that slaughter be taken? Anything that is immoral -> deathsentence?
    We should then ban “Guro” too? The drawn hentai pornography that involves sadistic acts, gore, decapitations etc? Sure – it’s sick – but it’s not a crime. Why?

    “Using cartoons to trivialize childporn isn’t ok”

    Sure, this I admit is one of the better arguments and can respect the logic behind it – and to a certain extent even agree with it.

    But in the end, do actionmovies trivialize violence? Or cause it? Or videogame violence.. does it result in a rise of real violence? It’s the age old question we’ve gone back and forth with – and in my opinion we’ve only landed some solid evidence that people who are capable of violent acts commit violent acts and videogame – or movie violence is only their shared interest, not the motivation or catalyst of said violence.

    In other words; He who’d be willing to commit murder, is likely to commit murder. Videogames, movies etc. (like disagreement in opinion over lolicon) are just excuses used to justify use of violence. Scapegoats if you will.

    Murderers exist with or without violent entertainment.
    So do pedophiles.

    It’s also true in many cases, that virtual violence can actually be used to blow off some steam. How else do you explain the amount of “kill your boss” flashgames ;)
    It’s been around for a long time. Safe alternatives to blow off steam.

    In a similar sense, ANY fetish pornography can be used to satisfy and suppress any pre-existing perversion.

    I’m not saying child pornography should be legal. Ofcourse not. We need to protect the privacy, dignity and safety of real children by any and all means necessary.

    This is why I answered “Yes” to this question:

    I feel like a victimless, fictional alternative for this fetish could only suppress and fulfil a twisted perversion for many pedophiles. If they’re focused on fictional pornography, it draws their ALREADY PRE-EXISTING interest from real children to something fictional.

    In my books, every single illegal perversion/fantasy (rape, guro, child molesting) that can be dealt with using fictional means is a win.

    Suppress and pressure pedophiles enough and I’m fairly sure we will see a rise in actual attacks on children instead of a dip in it.

    Not to mention that the violent and aggressive oppression pedophiles are now faced with only makes it impossible for any pedophile to actually come out and admit they have a problem.

    I mean don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the oppression/suppression/hate they get – but as the age old almost cliché saying goes; “Admitting a problem is the first step towards it’s solution” and right now pedophiles have a problem. And we have the problem of pedophiles existing and continuing to exist, now and forever.

    It will not go away if swept under a rug. It needs to be met with an attempt to understand it, to treat it – to suppress it – to guarantee the safety of actual children.

    It’s not after all something pedophiles choose. They could get treatment for it, but seeing as there are tons of people wanting to slaughter them in cold blood, they remain hidden and 100% undealt with, without treatment, with no fictional alternatives to satisfy any fetish safely.

    Do you think a situation like that would be beneficial to ANYONE who has a fixation for something immoral or illegal? It would only make those sick individuals more volatile.

    So YES, I support lolicon as a fictional victimless alternative – with agelimits and being kept out of public view and controlled.