How America could improve

American girl

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NOTE: Not an accurate depiction of an American…

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(This blog post was originally published on 1/10/12)

As you ALL should know by now, I am a HUGE critic of the United States. Mostly the people and Government. The US has many issues. I’ll give you my idea on how the US could improve in my eyes.

  1. Get rid of government censorship of TV and Radio: The US claims to be the freest country in the world, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Censoring TV and radio is unnecessary.
  2. No more business restrictions: What I mean is, laws that restrict how a business is run. Example: Import/Export restrictions, employment discrimination, outsourcing, etc.
  3. Get rid of the Double Jeopardy and Self-Incrimination laws.
  4. Give gay’s the same rights as straight people.
  5. End the Affirmative Action laws.
  6. Ban guns for general civilians or make stronger laws on it.
  7. Either legalize ALL drugs, or ban alcohol: Alcohol is the most dangerous drug, but it’s legal. Weed is likely the most harmless drug, and it’s banned. I would like to see ALL non-medical drugs banned.
  8. SECURE THE MEXICAN BORDER: Put a fence on the whole border. It’s not impossible. A row of trees was planted thousands of miles in the US once before. Just build a huge fence on the border. Not chain or wooded, but steal or something hard and tall. I love immigrants, I really do. The less average Americans there are, the better. But I am also a fan of LIVING! Terrorist could easily sneak across the border with a suitcase nuke or some other deadly weapon.
  9. Remove all bans on Transfat and other food add-ons.
  10. Drill baby drill: Fuck the wildlife. Drilling will help the US economically, and believe me, they need a LOT of help. America doesn’t have time to be fucking picky.
  11. No Amnesty for Illegal’s: Unless the illegal is a refugee fleeing for their life or has managed to live a nice normal successful life in this country, send them back to where they came from.
  12. Make the Age of Consent a FEDERAL law and make it 18(or higher).
  13. Make the Right to Die legal: It’s my life, my body, I should be able to do what I want with it. When you gotta go, you gotta go.
  14. No bail or probation for violent, sexual, or repeat offenders
  15. No more shorten jail sentences. That also means, no plea deal just to speed up a trial.
  16. Do away with the required reading of an individuals Miranda Rights. It’s not like if after reading someone it, they will be like, “I have the right to remain silent? I had no idea. An attorney? It gets even better!” Get rid of it.
  17. Make jury votes majority rules.
  18. Lower the drinking age or raise the age you can join the military: In America, you can’t buy beer until you are 21 but you can buy and gun and even join the military at age 18 and even earlier. Doesn’t make sense.
  19. Allow women and gays to serve in the military fully. That means combat too.
  20. Disallow congress from having breaks lasting longer than a week every few months.
  21. Require the US Supreme Courts to work and vote more often or lower their pay.
  22. BAN all forms of Corporal Punishment. Spankings included. Corporal punishment is just another way of saying torture. When you intentally inflict pain on a child, you are torturing them. Like it or not.
  23. Allow Gay Marriage and adoption
  24. Legalize adult-adult incestual relations, if they are siblings. If 2 consenting adults want to have sex, let them. Mind your own fucking business.
  25. Fix the educational system. Follow a system similar to Japan, if need be.
  26. Do away with the Civil Rights Act and any other law against non-violent discrimination in the workplace or at a business.
  27. No more homeschooling. Leave the teaching to the professionals.
  28. America should be willing to apologize for past, current, and future wrongdoing.
    1. The Shootdown of Iran Air Flight 665
    2. The WWII Air raid and terror attack on civilian populations in Japan.[blog post]
    3. The 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia
    4. America taking CIVILIANS prisoners of war during WWII
    5. The use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War
    6. US Military raping/murdering civilians during times of war and peacekeeping
    7. The use of nuclear bombs during WWII on Japan against civilian cities
    8. The My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War
    9. The 1953 Iranian coup d’état
    10. My Lai Massacre
  29. Get rid of the strict Miranda rights. A case should not be thrown out or evidence because the police forgot to remind someone of the rights they likely already knew they had. The reading of ones Miranda Rights should not matter if the person in question is wanted for a violent or sexual crime.

If America manages to do all of those, and more, I am sure the US will improve and may actually become worthy of the title “greatest nation in the world”.