Privacy isn’t an absolute right


[Art from: Mahou Shoujo Miracle Yuitto]

For quite some time now people around the US have complained about CCTV’s on street corners, drones being over US airspace, the TSA being too “touchy.” Well, I will address this topic and put everybody in their place ONCE AND FOR ALL!

I support the use of cameras being put on public street corners, like in the UK. The reason is pretty clear: IT IS A PUBLIC STREET! It is not in your home, it is not up your ass, it is in PUBLIC! I do not care if there are law enforcement cameras watching me in PUBLIC. I really do not. I know when I am in public, my right to privacy goes away as it should. I am not saying police should also have the right to stop any person on the street and strip them naked. Let’s not use the shitty slippery slope logic liberals, libertarians, and conservatives love to use so much. Let’s be reasonable here. I know that is especially hard for libertarians and conservatives but just try. Besides, if civilians are allowed to record police without their consent, then the police should be able to do the same to you.

Same thing applies to drones over US airspace for surveillance with or without a warrant.  I do not mind drones being used by law enforcement. It is legal to do it by helicopter over somebody’s property, so it is legal to do with unmanned drones. It is PUBLIC airspace after all. You have no right to privacy in the air. The court case Florida v. Riley pretty much made that Crystal clear when the US Supreme Court ruled that police officers do NOT need a warrant to conduct surveillance from the air.

As for the TSA…that is where I am pretty much in the middle and not taking sides. From the liberal side, it is unreasonable to strip search someone or force them into embarrassing situations like taking off their wig or fake tits or whatever. From the TSA side, I say: “If you don’t like it, walk! Drive! Take a bus! Swim!” You aren’t being forced to fly. If you want to fly that badly, you will do what you need to do to get on the plane.

People just cannot be pleased! They bitch at the government for doing too little, and they bitch at the government for doing too much. Here is my idea: GET RID OF THE TSA! Get rid of security measures at the airport. No more airport security! When the next plane comes flying at a fucking building, remember the government tired to prevent such a disaster but privacy freaks would not let them.

Overall, I stand with making the law more easily enforceable, usually Wire tapping, spying, whatever! I also support the use of red light cameras and license plate cameras.  Of course I draw the line at busting in my house without a warrant or randomly stopping me on the street for no obvious reason. Do what you have to do, but do not fuck up my day and make me late for work. If I don’t notice you, I don’t care what you do.

By the way: The TSA have found guns, knives, explosives, etc. before so do NOT say they haven’t stopped anything. They may not be perfect, but they are better than nothing.

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