Get rid of the US Constitution


(Art by Arctic)

SISTER POST: How America Could Improve

I’d like to see marriage become a federal issue since we are citizens of the UNITED STATES and not Virginia. It’s stupid how if a married couple moves from one state(gay friendly) to another state(burn those fags!) then they lose their rights and relevancy as a married couple. States have too much power on things they shouldn’t have a say in. Screw the 10th amendment. This is 2012 not 1791.

Hell, get rid of the US Constitution and make something new. We aren’t facing the issues they were facing over 200 years ago! UPDATE IT! I don’t see that happening without a civil war or another nation invading America. Most Americans are too fucking stupid and close-minded to accept a new Constitution.

There are better nations with a completely new and updated constitution. Sweden(1991), Finland(2000), Switzerland(1998), etc. EVERY country that is better than America has a new and up-to-date constitution. Get your fucking head out the past America! Part of the reason the world laughs at you and you and why America isn’t the “best” is your unwillingness to change ANYTHING in the US Constitution anymore. The fact you constantly cling to something made many many many years ago.

America needs to change. It needs to move forward, not backwards. As long as America remains the way it is, I don’t see much change happening. Sad…

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