Gun Laws work


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NOTICE: This is just a rough draft, not a complete blog post. Forgive the lack of extreme details.

Gun Laws work if enforced correctly. Why haven’t they worked in Chicago, DC, and other cities? Because city laws are next to ineffective. You notice states and [most] nations with gun bans or strong restrictions have lower homicide crime rates, including lower gun crime. Japan(EXTREMELY strong regulation – near ban), Chile(extreme restrictions), South Korea(ban), Australia(Restrictions) Ukraine(extreme restrictions, mostly bans), England(ban), Poland(restrictions and extensive and aggressive screening) etc. I could go on. Enforce the damn laws correctly and they will work. To say they don’t work because useless city laws failed to make a difference is next to irrational. No point in explaining facts to gun nuts. They’ll downplay it.

While gun bans won’t completely eradicate violence, it will limit the number of things people can use to murder. Don’t give me that weak ass “What next, cars? Knives? Hammers?”. What a dumbass defense. Just think about this: What is a car’s primary use? To get people to where they need to be; work, the store, the hospital, etc. Same applies to a hammer. Hell, even a steel rod has its practical purpose. NOW, why were guns invented? To kill people! What is a gun’s primary use? To put a bullet hole through someone! No practical everyday need for a gun for anything other than hunting for food, like the barbarian you really are.

Now, a GOOD example of too many guns is the Empire State shooting. One man with a gun, several highly trained police officers, 11 civilians shot, 2 of which died and all from highly trained police gun fire. Imagine if a bunch of civilians had guns. In all the confusion and chaos a bunch of untrained, inexperienced civilians would end up killing a lot of people. BAN GUNS! Australia did it and they saw a drop in gun murders and gun suicides and haven’t seen a mass shooting in over 10 years. [link]

PS: The automatic weapons ban didn’t work because, as the Justice Department said, the number of crimes involving such weapons were so low that they couldn’t not give an accurate estimate on how much of a difference it made. Either ban guns or restrict them heavily. But don’t you dare say the laws don’t work when there are countless other nations with a ban in place and it works fine. Why? THEY ENFORCE THEIR LAWS CORRECTLY! Don’t know what they do? Go to Google and do some research and stop repeating what you hear radio conservatives say.

Pro-gun nuts often cite Switzerland when they make their arguments.  Let me tell you the difference between the US and Switzerland. Unlike in the US, in Switzerland they have a UNIVERSAL GUN REGISTRATION system. The thing the NRA now claims to hate because they think it will let the government take “our guns away”. Unlike in the US, guns are not a RIGHT in Switzerland. It is a privilege given to them by the government and that is also the way people see it in the country. Unlike the US, Switzerland has a gun culture built on safety and responsibility.

Unlike the US, gun ownership in Switzerland has been DECREASING and they don’t have a high rate of ownership. They have been moving away from widespread guns, if you’d check your facts. If you checked your facts you’d know they have gun depots so guns aren’t kept in the home.

Here are a few more facts about Switzerland guns:

Even though the militia laws require it, the gun ownership rate in Switzerland(in terms of percent of population having it) is lower than the US….by a LOT. Switzerland’s carry laws are HIGHLY regulated and very restricted. Outside of militia going out for training, you can’t even carry a gun with you. PLUS you aren’t allowed to have ammo in your home. Go ahead, check the laws.

Feel free to disagree, I’ve learned after a year of trying that you can’t educate a average gun-lovin American so I won’t even bother replying unless I hear someone say something I haven’t heard 3 billion times.



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