The Imaginary War on Christmas

(Artist: Pizza Man)

Since the early 2000s a particular network has constantly harped on the “War on Christmas”. A network known for being bias and conservative. A network known as Fox News(aka: Fuck News, as I call it).  Yes, the “War on Christmas.” A war that nobody but Fox News and their mindless sheep viewers can see. Apparently they have it in their minds that us Atheist are launching a war on Christmas and we want to completely destroy it. It is a level of paranoia and nonsense one would normally associate with Infowars, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, and Rush Limbaugh and those who watch that crap.

Let me explain something to you; there is no “War on Christmas.” It is a made up bullshit war created in the mind of people who are so conservative that the part of their brain responsible for rationality and logic(the left side) has rotted away and has apparently been replace with some fucked up glob of horse shit. It’s tragic to say but a good chunk of Americans actually buy into that crap. There is no hope for people who reaches that level of paranoia.

For 16 goddamn years, Fox News has done nothing but dumb down America and increase the level of hostility in this already failing nation. Of course, there is nothing I could do. Every day, Fox News attacks the “Mainstream Media.” The mainstream media….THIS IS A FOX NEWS ALERT: YOU ARE THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! You are not only the mainstream media, but you are the poster child of bias bullshit on TV. The “Fair and Balanced” motto is complete and utter bullshit along with everything Fox News has said for 16 years.

I don’t see things improving over at Fox News. I don’t see this fake “war” coming to an end either. There is no war on Christmas but good luck telling that to the brainwashed viewers of Fox News that would believe President Obama is from another solar system if Fox said it was true. One can only hope things die down but realistically, I’m pretty sure the main event has yet to come.

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