Nippon Facts

Art by: Satou

These are actually facts you may or may not have known about Japan. Gathered from Books, Websites, and the Japanese Embassy.

*Tokyo is not a city

  1. Today, the Japanese music industry is the second largest in the world, behind the United States.[link: 1]
  2. A majority of Japanese people are atheist, agnostic, non-believers, or non-religious.
    1. Gallup: 71%[link]
    2. Dentsu: 52%[link]
    3. Zuckerman: 64-65%[link]
  3. The current Emperor of Japan is Emperor Akihito
  4. Most cases of “Cyber Suicide” comes out of Japan.[link]
  5. Japan has the 9th highest suicide rate in the world and has been improving every year.
  6. Japan has an average of 20.5 Tornado’s Annually.
  7. Japan didn’t BAN Child Porn until 11/1/99.
  8. Japan is the largest producer of Porn in the World.
  9. 85% of Japanese visual novel’s are for Adults Only!
  10. Japan’s Best Diplomatic Friend is the USA. They rely on the USA for its National Security.
  11. “Formula Nippon”, “Super GT”, and the “D1 Grand Prix” are the ONLY ACTIVE Japanese Major auto racing sporting events in Japan.
  12. 75.9% of Japanese Students will go to College
  13. Japan has more 7-11‘s than any country on Earth. 7-11 is owned by a company in Japan called Seven & I Holdings Co. Of the 39,153 stores around the globe, 12,925 of them are located in Japan with 1,713 in Tokyo alone.
  14. Only 3% of Japan’s population is FAT…unlike the U.S. Pop. which is 67% FAT. Making the USA the FATTEST developed country on Earth.
  15. Japan has the 3rd largest economy on earth.
  16. The Legal Blood Alcohol Level in Japan is 0.3% [link]
  17. Japan is 2nd Best in Market Capitalization
  18. Tokyo Stock Exchange is 2nd biggest in world.
  19. 90% of Japanese Population is Middle Class.
  20. Yokohama is the Largest Incorporated City in the World.
  21. Japanese sentence structure is classified as SOV (subject-object-verb). English is SVO.
  22. Japan’s large animation industry produces 60% of the animated series in the world(Source: The Japan Times)
  23. Yamada Tarō is the Japanese Equal to John Smith. Yamada Hanako is the Japanese Equ. to Jane Smith.
  24. There are AT LEAST 21 Race Tracks in Japan. Of those only one is an Oval(Twin Rings Motegi). Fuju Speedway was originally built as an Oval/Half Oval until 1974.
  25. Video Research Ltd. handles radio and television audience measurements in Japan. They are Japan’s version of the US based Nielsen Media Research.
  26. Largest consumer of Amazon rainforest timber
  27. Japan is based on four islands, with 80% of the population living on one – Honshu.
  28. CNNj is a collaborative project between CNN and Japan Cable television. The project was launched on March 1, 2003.
  29. Television broadcasting in Japan started in 1939
  30. There are six nationwide television networks in Japan but only 1 is international(NHK- which is the only one of the 6 with no affiliation *which is by choice*).
  31. In terms of Call Signs, Japan uses JAJS, 7J–7N, and 8J 8N
  32. Lowest birthrates
  33. Lowest central bank interest rate
  34. Lowest commercial bank prime lending rate
  35. Best performance at American Football World Cup
  36. Best performance at World Judo Championships
  37. Best performance at Karate World Championships
  38. Most patents granted
  39. Most patents in force
  40. Most merchant ships owned
  41. 4th on the Bribe Payers Index(Making it one of the lowest in the world)
  42. Japan was a closed country until 1857.
  43. 80% of Japanese use the web
  44. Japan produces 40% of the worlds flash memory
  45. 14%-17% of Japanese homes and businesses have Earthquake Insurance
  46. Japan is notably among the most westernized countries in Asia
  47. Japan is the 2nd largest holder of US foreign debt. China is #1.[link]
  48. There is an hourglass in Japan said to be the worlds largest. It is located in the Nima Sand Museum and it runs for a year.
  49. Fireflies are RARE in Japan
  50. Hokkaido is known IN JAPAN as the least Japanese of all the main islands
  51. Miyazaki Tornado of 1881 was the Deadliest Tornado in Japanese History. It killed 16 people[link]
  52. The 2006 Saroma tornado in Hokkaido was the deadliest in recent Japanese History[link]
  53. Cuteness in Japan started in the 70’s and is a multi-billion dollar industry
  54. Otoko wa Tsuraiyo is the movie series with the most installments(48)
  55. Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost has the largest credited cast(4,070)
  56. Nintokuryo Tomb is the largest tomb in the world
  57. Hoshi Ryokan is the oldest hotel in the world(opened in 718)
  58. TurfVision of the Tokyo Racecourse is the largest screen in the world
  59. Kongo Gumi is the worlds oldest company(578-2006)
  60. Honda Super Club is the best selling motorcycle in the world
  61. Okadaya Mores is the worlds shortest esculator(5 seconds)
  62. Tokyo Disneyland is the 3rd most visited theme park in the world
  63. Steel Dragon 200 in Nagashima Spa Land is the roller coster with the longest tracks in the world
  64. Janaika at Fuji-Q Highland is the worlds most inversions roller coster .
  65. ¥500 is the worlds most most expensive coin in circulation.
  66. Japan has the most complexed character in the world
  67. Over 70% of Japan consists of mountains. The country also has over 200 volcanoes.
  68. Japan’s unemployment rate is less than 4%
  69. There are almost 130 voice-acting schools in Japan
  70. 21% of the Japanese population is elderly, the highest proportion in the world
  71. Japan has the most HAM radio users in the world with 1.3 million users.
  72. 20% of Twitter users are in Japan
  73. NASCAR(Sprint Cup Series only) airs in Japan on NTV(Nittele G only). It has since 2004.[link] | [email]
  74. 73% of Japanese people do NOT trust TEPCO[link]
  75. 52.6% of parents in Japan say parenting is easy
  76. 75% of Japanese people have a cell phone.

    As of May 2008, 31.3% of elementary school students, and 57.6% of middle school students own a cell phone, with many of them accessing the internet through them.

  77. Aflac does 70% of its work in Japan
  78. The WORLDS LARGEST GOLD BAR is located at the Toi Gold Mine in Japan. Weighing in a 551 lbs and worth $13 million dollars.
  79. Iroha-zaka Road is the most dangerous road in Japan
  80. Kawazu-Nanadaru Loop Bridge is quite possibly the worlds most unique road span.
  81. Nerima is the birthplace of anime.
  82. JAL Flight 123 is the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history[Dramatization | Final 4 minutes]
  83. The Mutsu Explosion was the deadliest explosion in Japanese History. It killed 1,121 in Hashirajimai harbour
  84. The Hoteiza theater fire was the deadliest fire in Japan’s History
  85. The Iruka pond collapse in Inuyama, Aichi, Japan was the deadliest flood in Japan
  86. The Mitsubishi Hojo Coal Mine disaster was the deadliest in Japan and 3rd deadliest in world history.
  87. The Ertuğrul Incident(off Kushimoto) was the deadliest maritime disaster in Japan.
  88. The H-II launch vehicle explosion was the deadliest space disaster in Japan
  89. The Sumitomo Besshi Industrial Incident is the deadliest industrial incident in Japanese history and 4th in the world.
  90. The Yahiko Shrine Stampede is the deadliest Stampede in Japan’s history.
  91. The Sankebetsu brown bear incident was the deadliest Animal Attack in Japan
  92. The Tokaimura nuclear accident of 1999 was the deadliest non-war related nuclear disaster in Japan
  93. The Komagawa train disaster was the deadliest train disaster in Japan
  94. The Shigotani dormitory incident was the deadliest structural collapse in Japan.
  95. The Aum Shinrikyo, Japanese Red Army, and Seikijuku are the ONLY Japanese Terrorist Groups. The Japanese Red Army ended in 2001
  96. Sugoi is a Japanese supercomputer and has been ranked the world’s fastest in computing speed
  97. The AH1 is the longest route of the Asian Highway Network, and it starts in Japan on the Fukuoka Expressway(Route 1)
  98. The record for the most push-ups non-stop was 10,507, set by Minoru Yoshida of Japan in October 1980
  99. The most expensive cantaloupe was sold in Japan for 2.5 million yen($22,000)
  100. The 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake is the deadliest Earthquake in Japanese history.
  101. The Hakko-da Mountains Incident remains Japan’s deadliest blizzard.
  102. The 2010 Japanese heat wave is Japan’s deadliest heat wave.
  103. The 1709 Hoei Earthquake triggered the deadliest tsunami in Japan.
  104. The Mount Unzen Incident was the deadliest Volcanic eruption in Japan
  105. Japan has been a PERMANENTLY neutral nation since 1947. Japan is constitutionally forbidden from participating in wars, but maintains heavily-armed self-defence forces and a military alliance and even takes part in peacekeeping missions.
  106. Japan has 9 Caldera’s
    1. Aira Caldera(Supervolcano)
    2. Lake Kussharo
    3. Lake Kuttara
    4. Lake Mashū
    5. Mount Aso
    6. Kikai Caldera
    7. Lake Towada
    8. Lake Tazawa
    9. Lake Ashi
  107. Keiko Fukuda is the oldest person and first women to ever get a black belt in Judo. She is also the highest ranked female in Judo.
  108. The centroid of population of Japan is in Gifu Prefecture, almost directly north of Nagoya city.[link]
  109. Morihiro Taneichi is from Tokyo and hold the world record for “Farthest Cum Distance” (I shit you not)
  110. Home Ownership in Japan: 61,1% (national average), 79,3% (Toyama prefecture – highest), 43,7% (Tokyo – lowest)
  111. At least 4 people have been charged with Treason in Japan.
  112. Japan has had 6 riots since the 1700’s. The last was in 1990 in Osaka called the Airin Riots.
  113. Japan get the Fox Network via SKY PerfecTV.
  114. Nobeyama Station is the highest(in altitude) train station of all the Japan Railways stations
  115. 30-40% of manga contains sexual themes or content
  116. Shibukawa is the geographic center of Japan.
  117. 90% of Dojinshi is pornographic.
  118. The Yen is the third most-traded currency in the foreign exchange market
  119. Tongariyama is Japan’s only “Grid Point”
  120. The worst wildfire in Japan was the Kure City Fire(unofficial name) in the Hiroshima Prefecture in 1973. It burned 840 acres and killed 18 firefighters…all of this happened in ONE DAY!
  121. On the Ease of Doing Business Index, Japan is ranked 18th
  122. Aso Minami route is the most dangerous railroad in Japan
  123. Incest relationships are legal but incest marriages are NOT allowed.
  124. The creator of the globally used “Fujita Scale”, used to measure the power of a tornado, was a Japanese man named Tetsuya Theodore “Ted” Fujita.
  125. The Highest point in Japan is Mt. Fuji(12,388 feet)
  126. The lowest point in Japan is Hachirōgata(-13 feet below sea level) in the Akita Prefecture
  127. The Longest river is the Shinano River(228 miles) which flows from Nagano Prefecture to Niigata Prefecture.
  128. The largest late is Lake Biwa(260 square miles) located in Shiga Prefecture.
  129. Japan has 2 Antipodal countries: Brazil and Paraguay
  130. Japan has 6 “micronations”
  131. The Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in the world!
  132. Japan has a variety of climates, compared to that of the east coast of North America, from Nova Scotia to the U.S. state of Georgia
  133. As of August 2007, there were 29 National Parks and 56 Quasi-National Parks in Japan.
  134. Japan has at least 10 caves.
  135. Japan’s largest prefecture in terms of POPULATION is Tokyo. The smallest is Tottori.
  136. Japan’s largest prefecture in terms of area is Hokkaido. The smallest is Kagawa
  137. There are 16 World Heritage Sites in Japan
  138. According to the Worlds Values Survey, Japan ranked highest in the world in “Rational-Secular Values”, and above average in “Self-Expression Values”.
  139. The Fukushima #1 incident in 1972 was the first nuclear plant incident in Japan. It went hidden and unreported for 29 years.
  140. Okaasan to Issho is Japan’s longest running children show.
  141. Japan Airlines Flight 351 was Japan’s FIRST aircraft hijacking. It was perpetrated by the Japanese Red Army
  142. The last execution in Japan was on July, 28, 2010. The executed party was Hidenori Ogata(33)
  143. Japan has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world – as of 2009 it is the fourth largest by number of feature films produced.
  144. Dentsu is Largest Japanese advertising agency (4th worldwide).
  145. There are 6 national news networks in Japan.
  146. The Tokyo Fire Department is the largest urban fire department in the world.
  147. Japan has Universal Health Care, and it is HIGHLY successful.
  148. Japan has hosted the World Expo 5 times.
  149. The 1977 Japanese Grand Prix had a crash that killed 2 spectators on LIVE TV. The video is on YouTube but the bodies are blurred.
  150. Japan has the world’s highest gross sovereign debt
  151. Japan is ranked first in terms of the Net international investment position
  152. Toyama Prefecture has the highest hone ownership in Japan with around 80% owning a home.
  153. Osaka has the highest rate of homeless people in Japan
  154. The Motorsport Drifting was invented in Japan.
  155. The Michelin Guide has awarded Tokyo by far the most Michelin stars of any city in the world.
  156. Tokyo is the fourth Most Liveable City and the World’s Most Livable Megalopolis by the magazine Monocle
  157. Yokohama Marine Tower, the tallest inland lighthouse in the world
  158. Apple has 7 stores in Japan. The first opened on November, 30, 2003
  159. Kansai International Airport is ranked as the most unique airport in the world.
  160. Sakae Menda is the first person in Japan to be released from death row by retrial
  161. Hanging is the only method of execution in Japan
  162. Japan has seven execution chambers used to kill condemned criminals.
  163. Tetsuya Ota is well known for surviving a frightening and violent fiery/explosive multi-car crash at Fuji Speedway in May, 3, 1998(video:
  164. Kabutocho is the largest financial district in Japan
  165. Japan’s Kilometre Zero is in the middle of Nihonbashi Bridge
  166. There have been 2 news helicopter crashes in Japan. One involved a Yomiuri Shimbun helicopter.
  167. Horse Meat is LEGAL in Japan. Cat Meat was legal until the end of Tokugawa period in the 19th century. And Dog Meat? Unknown…
  168. Tokyo is NOT a city. It is a prefecture. It lost it’s city status on 7/1/1943
    1. Hachioji City is the largest in the prefecture
    2. There are 23 special wards
      1. The largest by area is Nakano ward.
      2. The largest by population is Sentagaya ward
    3. Tokyo is divided in to 26 cities
  169. There are 291,129 different surnames in Japan as of 1996.
  170. Satoru Someya is the only reporter to be killed in Japan.
  171. NHK developed the world’s first high definition television technology in 1964 and launched it in 1981.
  172. No law forbids a foreign-born Japanese citizens to be elected as a member of Diet (as Marutei Tsurunen in fact became one). So, a foreign-born Japanese citizen CAN become the Prime Minister of Japan.
  173. In 2005, WWE became apart of Japanese TV and is aired on J SPORTS, TVK, TVS, SUN-TV, FTV, MXTV, TKU MTV, GYT, GBS, CTC and GTV in Japan. PPV Event’s are carried by SKY Perfect TV! and J:COM.(
  174. Yokohama Chinatown is the biggest “Chinatown” in Japan.
  175. Shinjuku Station is the largest train station in the world.
  176. Keiichi Yamada(Jushin Liger) of New Japan Pro Wrestling was named the 1989 Anime Superhero Gimmick by Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
  177. Akinori Ogata races in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, and is the only ACTIVE Japanese NASCAR driver(that I can think of).
    1. Kyle Larson is the only Japanese-American NASCAR driver in one of the big 3 series.
    2. Hideo Fukuyama is the only Japanese NASCAR driver to race in the Sprint Cup Series(He raced 4 times in 2 years, last was the 2002 MBNA All-American Heroes 400 in Dover)
  178. Nakagin Capsule Tower. That’s all I have to say
  179. The Yakuza is the largest organized crime group in the world.
  180. Ushiku Daibutsu is the tallest Statue in Japan and 3rd tallest in the world. It is in Ushiku at Ibaraki Prefecture. It’s 394ft tall.
  181. Japan has the 3rd fastest internet[Source: Akamai Technologies]
  182. Hokkaido is the least developed of all Japan’s 4 main islands.
  183. According to the Foreign Service Institute, Japanese is the most difficult language to learn for English speakers.
  184. Japan is ranked 23nd on the Democracy Index, making it a FULL democracy. [link]
  185. Japan’s government is classified as a Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy and bicameralism
  186. Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita.
  187. Competitive eating is popular in Japan(and the US, duh)
  188. Nagasaki Bay is particually exposed to Meteotsunami’s where they get as high as 4.8m
  189. Japan has 4 Astronomical Observatory’s: (Kamioka Observatory, Kitami Observatory, Nachi-Katsuura Observatory, and National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
  190. Typhoon Talsa is the wettest Tyhpoon ever recorded in Japan(71.08), shattering the old record by 20 inches.
  191. Aira Caldera in Kagoshima Prefecture is Japan’s only ACTIVE Supervolcano.
  192. Japan has 108 active volcanoes
  193. Mount Aso is the LARGEST volcanic caldera in the world.
  194. Japan is the 17th least corrupt country in the world with a 7.8 score(10.0 is best 0 is worst)
  195. Japan is generally a rainy country with high humidity. Because of its wide range of latitude, Japan has a variety of climates, with a range often compared to that of the east coast of North America, from Nova Scotia to the U.S. state of Georgia. Tokyo is at about 35 degrees north latitude, comparable to that of Tehran, Athens, or Las Vegas.
  196. The highest temperature measured in Japan was 105.6°F recorded in Kumagaya, Saitama / Tajimi, Gifu on August 16, 2007.
  197. The lowest temperture mesured in Japan was -41.8°F in Asahikawa, Hokkaidō on 1/25/1902
  198. Sumo Wrestling is the national sport in Japan
  199. 57.3% of Japanese people who attend college in Japan will graduate[link]. That’s 4th highest in the world.(The US? 29%[1])
  200. All Japanese households having at least one TV set are mandated to pay an annual subscription fee used to fund NHK, the Japanese public service broadcaster.
  201. Gordon Ramsay has a restaurant in Tokyo called Gordon Ramsay at Conrad Tokyo
  202. Japan Airlines Flight 907 was 100m away from being the worst Aircraft accident in the history of the world. 1,104 people almost died.
  203. Unlike other countries, there are no joke scripting in Japanese sitcoms.[1]
  204. Japan is the nation with the most recorded tsunamis in the world
  205. The Great Hakuho Earthquake was the first recorded tsunami in Japan.
  206. Japan is one of many countries with Life Imprisonment.
  207. The minimal time you have to serve before requesting parole is 10 years(if the judge allows parole
  208. Japan can give a life sentence to people under 18.
  209. The ONLY person that can pardon or give amnesty to a person sentenced to life is the Emperor.
  210. Tasers are ILLEGAL in Japan.
  211. Gun’s for the public are ILLEGAL in Japan
  212. 81.7 are proud of their nationality. [link]
  213. 61 of unmarried men between 18-34 are SINGLE. Half of unmarried women the same are are too.[link]
  214. 4.5 waterspouts occur per year in Japan.
  215. Waterspouts occur most frequently in October.
  216. Tornadoes occur most frequently in September and least frequently in March
  217. Both tornadoes andwaterspouts have high activities during daytime. The activity of tornadoes has two peaks between 1000 and1100, and between 1500 and 1600 JST (Japan Standard Time)
  218. About two-fifths of the tornadoes occur onmultiple-tornado days
  219. The average lifetimes of tornadoes and waterspouts are 12 and 14 min
  220. About 15% of tornadoes are anticyclonic
  221. More than 50% of tornadoes move toward the northeast quadrant.
  222. The average damage path width and pathlength are 98 m and 3.2 km
  223. Fatality and injuries caused by tornadoes per year are 0.58 and 29.7, respectively.
  224. About 46% of tornadoes are associated with extratropical cyclones (16% in a warm sector and 15% associatedwith cold fronts) and 20% associated with typhoons.
  225. The shortest recurrence interval is found for Tokyo Prefecture
  226. Okinawa Prefecture get the most tornados
  227. Kagawa, Niwa, and Shiga Prefectures have NEVER recorded a tornado.
  228. The average number of vacation days people in Japan take is 5 days off.
  229. ALL forms of Corporal Punishment was banned in Japan in 1947.
  230. The Taiheiyō Belt(Tokaido corridor) is the worlds largest megalopolis.
  231. The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge is the LONGEST bridge in in the world and is the 4th Tallest in the world. It also has the longest central span of any suspension bridge on earth.
  232. The Kokonoe “Yume” Otsurihashi Bridge is the highest bridge in Japan and is the HIGHEST and LONGEST foot bridge in the world.
  233. As of 2007 there are 1,822 municipalities in Japan which consist of 198 villages, 777 cities and 847 towns. These numbers likely have dropped due to the several mergers that take place every year.
  234. Brazil has the MOST Japanese people outside of Japan.
  235. Palau’s (Angaur) OFFICIAL language is Japanese, but it is NOT connected with Japan.
  236. The Aum Shinrikyo launched a chemical attack on Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan. It killed 8 people and injured over 200. A 2 years later they launched a chemical attack on the Tokyo Subway system which killed 12 and injured around 5,000. After that attack the Japanese police raided the HQ of the Aum and found a SHIT LOAD of chemical and biological weapons(Including Anthrax, Ebola, and enough Sarin to kill 4 million people) and a military helicopter(Mil Mi-17)
  237. Japan is ranked 3rd on the Global Peace Index(the US is 82nd)
  238. Japan is ranked 90th on the Satisfaction with live Index.
  239. The Ōita Stadium was the world’s largest concrete dome from 2001-2009 and is now the 2nd largest.
  240. Japan has 21 Ultra prominent peak’s.
  241. Hokkaido is the least developed of all the main islands in Japan.
  242. Former Prime Minister of Japan, Taro Aso, is an otaku
  243. Japan is a unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.
  244. The first Japanese citizen to fly in space AND the the first business-sponsored space traveler was Toyohiro Akiyama, a journalist sponsored by TBS who flew on the Soviet Soyuz TM-11 in December 1990.
  245. Takao Doi is the first Japanese man to walk in space.
  246. Chiaki Mukai is the first Japanese woman in space.
  247. 82% of Japanese people have friendly feelings towards the US.[Link]
  248. 44% of South Korean teens believe Japan is their biggest enemy.[link]
  249. The legal age you are an adult in Japan is 20.
  250. The age of consent is 13 in Japan(18 in many prefectures)[link].
  251. Mount Komaki is the smallest mountain in Japan
  252. The Japanese school year begins in April, not in September like in the United States and other countries. The first term runs to around July 20, when summer vacation begins. Kids return to school in early September for the second term, which lasts until about December 25.
  253. Japan has, according to some estimates, the largest proportion of jazz fans in the world.[link]
  254. Akira Mori is the richest person in Japan
  255. Japan has 26 billionaires(10th most in the world)
  256. Japan has 4 stations in Antarctica.
    1. Asuka Station
    2. Dome Fuji Station
    3. Mizuho Station
    4. Showa Station
  257. Japan has 13 Cryptids.
  258. Japan put 600 NON-COMBAT troops in Iraq in early 2004 for humanitarian reasons and withdrew in mid 2004. There were NO casualties.
  259. The Tokachi 24 hours is the ONLY 24 hour auto racing event in Japan
  260. Plum Mariko was the first professional wrestler in Japan to die as a result of injuries suffered in a wrestling match.
  261. Animate is the largest retailer of anime, games, and manga in Japan
  262. Kobe is one of the safest cities in Japan thanks to the Yamaguchi-gumi(Yakuza syndicate).
  263. Nobuyuki Takahashi is the inventor of the word “Cosplay”
  264. Japan has a conviction rate of 100%
  265. According to Mercer’s Cost of Living, Tokyo* is the most expensive city in the world
    1. Osaka is 3th
    2. Nagoya is 10th
  266. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Tokyo* is the MOST expensive city in the world
    1. Osaka 2nd
  267. According to ECA International, Tokyo* is the most expensive city in the world
    1. Nagoya is 4th
    2. Yokohama is 5th
    3. Kobe is 7th
  268. Tokyo* is the 9th most livable city in the world(4th in 2010)
  269. Tokyo* is the RICHEST city in the world
    1. Osaka/Kobe is 7th
    2. Fukuoka is 73rd
  270. Japan is the 18th most nationalistic country out of 34 countries in a survey.[link]
  271. 95% of high school students in Japan, graduate, which is the 3rd highest in the world. [link]
  272. Japan is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of child pornography and the second biggest consumer after the U.S BUT in the case of Japan[link], it includes Lolicon which accounts for most of that. Child porn is strictly prohibited and enforced by Japan.[link]
  273. A survey last year found that about 70% of adults were in favour of banning possession, while almost 86% said Lolicon should also be covered by law[link]
  274. The longest running(by episode count) TV show in Japan is Tetsuko Kuroyanagi’s Talking Room. It has been airing since 1976.
  275. The longest running(By date) TV show still airing in Japan is Imperial Album.
  276. There have been 5 riots in Japan’s history:
    1. Hibiya Incendiary Incident(1905)
    2. Rice Riots(1918)
    3. Hanaoka Mine Riotby Chinese workers– (1945)
    4. Koza riot(1970)
    5. Airin Riots(1990)
  277. The flag of Japan is flown at half-staff upon the death of the Emperor of Japan, another member of the Imperial Family, or a current or former Prime Minister, and also following national disasters such as the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. In addition to the tradition of half-staff, the national flag topped by black cloth may be flown to designate mourning.
  278. Ten percent of the world’s active volcanoes are found in Japan
  279. Nishinari is the largest slum in Japan
  280. Minamitorishima has the highest average temperature in Japan.
  281. Fujisan has the lowest average temperature in Japan
  282. Yakushima is the wettest location in Japan
  283. Abashiri is the driest location in Japan
  284. The Tokyo Metropolitan Matsuzawa Hospital is the largest and oldest nut house in Japan
  285. New Japan Pro Wrestling is the largest pro-wrestling company in Japan.
  286. Apart from the United States, Japan is the only major industrialized democracy to carry out capital punishment.
  287. The Kantō region is the most highly developed, urbanized, and industrialized part of Japan
  288. The first discovers glaciers ever found in Japan were found in Toyama Prefecture in 2012
  289. Bloomers are no longer used in Japan. It’s use died away in the 90’s
    1. Koshigaya Minami Senior High School got rid of them quickly(1993)
  290. Japan has the second largest daily news paper circulation in the world
  291. The first ever non-stop flight from Tokyo to Boston took place April 22 2012 using the 787-8 Dreamliner[link]
  292. The largest McDonald’s in Japan is in Harajuku Omotesando. It is 795 square meters and seats 328 customers.
  293. In Japan, over 80% of trains are on time.
    1. Late in Japan = 1 minute or more
    2. If a train is late, you get a free ride and a pass to use to explain to your employer why you are late.
  294. Tokyo International Airport is the busiest airport in Japan and 3rd busiest in the world.
    1. It has remained the in the top 5 busiest since 2001 according to the Airports Council International.
      1. It was 6th busiest in 2000 when the Airports Council International started keeping track of busy airports and making it public.
  295. The Tottori Sand Dunes are the only large sand dunes in Japan
  296. The April 2012 Tokyo Disneyland bus crash was the deadliest expressway crash in Japanese history.[link]
  297. Hirotaka Takeuchi became the first Japanese citizen to scale all 14 of the world’s highest mountains[link]
  298. Japan has no official language.[link]
  299. Chiba Urban Monorail is the longest monorail in the world
  300. On June, 1, 2005, Japan introduced a Sex offender registry that is like Megan’s Law. [link]
  301. Japan is ranked #1 in terms of Resolving Insolvency in Business.
  302. The Midland Square observation deck is the highest open-air observation deck in Japan
  303. Japan has no enforced conscription.
  304. Japan’s credit rating is as followed:
    1. Moody’s: Aa3
    2. S&P: AA-
    3. Fitch: A+
  305. The most powerful tornado recorded in Japan was the Tsubuka Tornado of May, 6, 2012. It was rated as an F-4, the only F-4 to hit Japan.[link]
  306. Japan is ranked as the 7th best place to be born a woman according to Trust Law [link]
    1. Women face an ingrained patriarchal culture. Many are taught that their contribution to the workforce ends when they have children.
  307. Japan is the 5th most peaceful country according to the Global Peace Index[link]
  308. Sapporo has the highest snowfall rate of any major metropolitan city in the world with more than 7 meters(+22 feet)/year.
  309. In the long history of the Shinkansen’s history, there have NEVER been a train derailment/collision.
  310. Japan may be the most free country in terms of free speech in the world.[opinion]
  311. There is NO censorship of the Internet in Japan. No restrictions in any way, shape, or form.
  312. IndyCar airs on GAORA in Japan[link]
  313. The first known modern human to be hit by a meteorite was in Aba, Japan when a 5 year old was hit in the head by a bean-sized asteroid.[link]
  314. Kiyoshi Narita was the first Japanese citizen to die on Mount Everest.
  315. Taskahi Ozaki is the last Japanese citizen to die on Mount Everest.
  316. Since it’s introduction, Japan has won 4 International Emmy Awards
    1. Monika and Jonas – the Face of the Informer State(1993 – Documentary)
    2. Just Like Anyone Else(1999 – Documentary)
    3. Tell Us About Your Life – Battlefield Doctor(1999 – Children’s and Young People)
    4. Shinichi Hoshi’s Short Short’s(2009 – Comedy)
  317. Osaka is ranked as the 3rd best city in the world.[link]
    1. Tokyo is ranked 10th.
  318. There are 30 endangered mammals in Japan(including in Japanese waters)
  319. 25.5% of Japanese people identify themselves as an otaku.[link]
  320. Japan is ranked 193rd in total incarcerations out of 218 countries.[link]
  321. There are 3 official residences in Japan
    1. Kōkyo: The Imperial Palace/home of the Emperor[link]
    2. Tōgū Gosho: Home of the Crown Prince
    3. Kantei/Kōtei: Official home and office of the Prime Minister.[link]
  322. Japan is one of the safest developed nations in the world.
    1. Violent crime is RARE in Japan. [link]
    2. Akita has the lowest crime rate in Japan of all prefectures
    3. Osaka has the highest crime rate in Japan of all prefectures[link]
    4. The murder rate in Japan is .4, compared to America where it is 4.2.
  323. The busiest Twitter moment in history was the “Castle in the Sky” TV screening with more than 25,088 tweets per second.
  324. Since 1992, only ONE Journalist has been killed in Japan.[link]
  325. Japan has very little censorship. The only law addressing censorship is Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan. Even then, the law is rarely enforced and has always been purely self-censorship. Japan has no government agency dedicated to regulating media
  326. SPEED is the 5th most successful all girls musical group in the world. (Morning Musume is 8th globally)
  327. Tokyo University is the 25th best university in the world.[link]
  328. Japan’s first Hospice opened in 1981 and they now have over 160 across the country.
  329. Police brutality in Japan is VERY rare.
  330. The Osaka School Massacre was the deadliest non-war related school massacre in Japanese history.
  331. In Japan, the emergency number for police is 110. For fire and ambulance it is 119. For an emergency at sea, it is 118.
  332. The world LARGEST firework waterfall took place at the Ariake Seas Fireworks Festival in Fukuoka, Japan in 2008. It was known as “Niagara falls”.[link]
  333. Japan’s national space program started on 10/1/69.
  334. Japan’s first and only mission to mars was a robotic mission. The robot’s name is Nozomi (のぞみ). Sadly, the mission failed when the robot failed to reach mars orbit, 5 years after lift off.
  335. The minimal wage in Japan is around ¥867.
  336. Gay Marriage is not recognized in Japan but gay relationships are legal.
  337. The first weather station in Japan was set up in Hakodate(a city in Hokkaido prefecture).[link]
  338. Japan is the 9th best country in the world according to NewsWeek(America #11, Finland #1)[link]
  339. The most rainfall to fall per hour was 6 inches and it happened on October 27, 1999 in Katori, Chiba.
  340. The most rain to fall in one day was 33.2 inches which happened on August, 1, 1972 on Mt. Hinodegadake in Naha.
  341. Japan’s only official right to die organization is the Japan Society for Dying with Dignity (JSDD)
  342. In Japan, 74% of Japanese household budgets are controlled by women.
  343. NASCAR raced in Japan in 1996, 1997, and 1998.
  344. The last aircraft hijacking in Japanese airspace involved All Nippon Airways Flight 61 in 1999.
  345. There have been 58 fatal aircraft accidents in Japan which have resulted in 2,062 fatalities.[link]
  346. The last fatal aircraft incident in Japan was in 2009[link]
  347. The last aircraft incident in Japan was in June 2012[link]
  348. Japan has at least 2 “eternal flames”.
    1. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park: Their flame will remain lit until all nukes in the world are gone.
    2. Daishō(Timple): Their flame has been burning since the start of the Daidō Era.
  349. On the Global Peace Index, Japan ranks 5th.[link]
  350. Japan ranks 16th on the International Property Rights Index[link]
  351. Tokyo is the 6th most prosperous city in the world.[link]
  352. Japan is the 22st most prosperous country in the world.[link]
  353. Mazie Hirono became the first Japan-born(and Asia-born) US Senator in November 2012. [link]
  354. North Korea is NOT recognized as a country by Japan and South Korea[link]
  355. As of 2006, there are 251,939 on the Japanese police force, equaling 197 people per officer.[link]
  356. The average Japanese person has an IQ of 105, which is the 3rd highest in the world.[link]
  357. Japan ranks 4th in overall education. [link]
  358. Japan ranks 109th on the Global Terrorism Index, making it one of the safest countries.[link]
  359. Japan is ranked 25th on the ‘Where to be born Index’. [link]
  360. Japan is ranked 19th on the Police State Index. [Link]
  361. Jiroemon Kimura is the oldest man in recorded history.[Link]
  362. Japan has the second most number of millionaires, with 1,822,000 in the country.[Link]
  363. Japan is the 9th freest country in the world.[Link]
  364. Japan has the second fastest internet speed in the world.[link]
  365. The Japanese Air Force One, also called “Seifu-senyō-ki” or the “Nippon-koku seifu sen’yōki” transports the Prime Minister and Emperor for overseas traveling.
  366. Japan ranked 53rd on the Press Freedom Index, which is much worse than it’s 22nd rank in 2012. [link]
  367. Japan’s account surplus in 2012 was the smallest on record.[link]
  368. The Japanese postal service, known as Japan Post, is rated as the second most efficient postal service in the world.[link]
  369. Tokyo has the following ratings by Trip Adviser[link]:
    1. Friendliest locals: Second Place
    2. Friendliest Taxi drivers: First place
    3. Best Taxi Service: First Place
    4. Cleanest Streets: First Place
    5. Best Public Transportation: First Place
    6. Safest City: First Place
  370. Nagano Prefecture has the longest average life span.[link]
  371. Japan is rank 10th on the Human Development Index.[link]
  372. In Japan, 82% of Japanese people view America favorably based off a yearly phone survey.[link]
    1. 81% of Americans view Japan favorably.[link]
  373. Crysta Nagahori is the largest “Underground city” in Japan.
  374. Yukiya Amano is the head of the IAEA. [link]
  375. 14.9% of Japanese children live in poverty. [link]
  376. Shinjuku Ni-chōme has the highest concentration of gay bars in the world.
  377. Aya Kamikawa became the first openly transsexual political candidate to win an election in Japan.
  378. Tokyo has the most 3, 2, and 1 Michelin star restaurants in the world as of 2012.
  379. On the OECD Better Life Index, Japan ranks[link]:
    1. 3rd in total household income($74,966)
    2. 6th in years of education(18.7 years)
    3. 3rd in student skills
    4. 2nd in Educational attainment(92%)
    5. 3rd in life expectancy
    6. 2nd lowest homicide rate
    7. 2nd lowest assault rate
  380. Marutei Tsurunen(Finland) became the first European-born politician to be elected to public office in Japan. He was elected in Kanagawa Prefecture twice. He is a member of the Democratic Party of Japan[link]
What do American’s think about Japan: Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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