Free Speech is bullshit

(Art by: Sorrau)

Ok, we have all heard about the “Innocence of Muslims”, right? The ignorant poorly made piece of shit film that falsely depicts the Prophet Muhammad. Well, after rumors that Ambassador Stevens(RIP) was killed due to the video started to come out, EVERY FUCKING PERSON IN AMERICA started defending the video as “free speech.” Why am I bitching? Oddly but not so shockingly, these are the same idiots who, if asked if ‘Lolicon’ was just as ok as that piece of shit film, would say hell no lolicon isn’t free speech and attack you for asking and falsely call you a pedophile. So, what makes Innocence of Muslims free speech in your eyes, but not Lolicon? Both are pretty legal in America. I may not agree with what is said in this film, but I will fight to the death for their right to say it…minus the ‘I’, ‘fight’, and ‘death’ part. Sadly, most American’s won’t do the same when it comes to Lolicon. I have decided to NOT link to the film out of sensitivity to me still living.

Anyway, Yes, Lolicon is legal but “obscene material”, which is a bullshit term, is not, which is why nobody has been charged with Lolicon officially just obscenity. As I was saying, why is there a double standard? Here is the difference between the Innocence of Muslims + similar things and ‘Lolicon’: There has NEVER been a single documented case of child sex abuse tied to lolicon. Not one. I’m not saying it can’t happen or hasn’t happen. I am saying there is NO DOCUMENTED incident. But there are countless documented cases of films and shit like Innocence of Muslims that have been tied to not only anti-America protest, but violence outside the US.

I am not saying Innocence of Muslims should be illegal. I am saying that I find it stupid on how people could call one thing free speech but say the other more harmless thing is not free speech and should be banned. So much for that “free speech” shit huh?

Oh, and about Google…Those asshole idiots took down my Kodomo no Jikan: Ni Gakki trailer (go to the very bottom of the page I linked to, to view it) for false reasons(it being pornographic or sexually explicit) but they kept Innocence of Muslims up. I smell a free speech double standard. Don’t get me started on the lolicon websites that were removed from Google’s search results. I won’t name the sites because I didn’t like seemingly pedo-bullshit mixing in with Lolicon, but one was a Gelbooru-like site for Lolicon and Shotacon images only.

Those idiots love to trick the public into thinking they are pro-free speech when in reality they are full of shit and sadly, the public is too stupid and ignorant to see those assholes for the liars they really are. I wish I could educate the ignorant masses and point out the hypocrisy of Google and America but sadly, my small little humble blog can’t reach a large audience yet. Tumblr is just as guilty. They banned me for up loading Lolicon hentai and said they don’t allow it and I agreed not to upload it in their TOS, which is false since their TOS does not mention “lolicon” “fictional” or anything like it. Plus they claims to LOVE free speech and want to protect their members right to it….you do know Lolicon is protected speech in most nations, including America, right? FREE SPEECH DOES NOT MEAN A DAMN THING IN OUR SOCIETY ANYMORE. You see, everybody loves free speech UNTIL YOU USE FREE SPEECH.


Here are the websites that have claimed to be pro-free speech yet have removed and prohibits offensive or sexual(like Lolicon) content:

  • Google/YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Facebook

If you are going to be pro-free speech, BE PRO-FREE SPEECH! Don’t lie and say you are when in reality, you are not. America sucks, Google is bullshit central, and I am over this nonsense once and for all. So, if that film is free speech in your eyes, then this is just as a-ok as that film(Click “show” to see):

NSFW (Not Safe For Work):   Show

(Art by: Mofumofu)



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