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Ok, as many of you know by now, I am a STRONG critic of America. I don’t hate it at all or wish death to anybody in it(other than those who deserve to die). But I do hate the fact that day in and day out since 1776, people in America have falsely believed that America is the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! It isn’t. Never was. What makes you idiots think America is the best? What makes you so damn proud to be American? Freedom? Ok, let’s go over this properly:

Is America the freest country in the world? No, America is NOT the freest country. In terms of Free Speech, there are countries that has more of it. Who? Let’s name one: Japan. Only one law on censorship and that law is RARELY enforced. They have no government branch dedicated to regulating online or broadcast media either. It is purely self-censorship. Unlike the US who has the FCC and numerous censorship laws.

Ok, how about Economic freedom? Nope, Hong Kong and several other countries beat America in that according to the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom. Press Freedom? America is HORRIBLE in that area, according to Reporters Without Borders. America ranks 32nd out of 179 countries on the Press Freedom Index. Finland and Norway have a perfect score though. Japan is pretty good in that area too. Personal freedom and liberty? Try again. According to the State of the World Liberty Index, America is only 8th. Gun Freedom? Nope, America is second and tied with Timor. Yemen is first place according to Free Existence. Might I also add that America has the HIGHEST INCARCERATION RATE IN THE WORLD! Yeah, that’s freedom alright. Arresting and sentencing more of your people than Iran, China, AND North Korea combined.

So overall, what is the freest country? According to the World Freedom Index 2013, it is New Zealand.[Link](DOWNLOAD)

OK, how about Property Rights? America is pretty good in that right? Wrong. America is not even ranked in the top 10 on the International Property Rights Index. Finland is the best, but not America.  Freedom of Business? America is a great place to do business right? Yeah, if you like restrictions and having to pay the government taxes to even take a shit. Denmark and New Zealand are the best there, according to the Heritage Foundation. BUT WAIT! “America is a democratic country! It is the FACE of global democracy!” According to who? Fox News? Stop watching them. They lie. Democracy wise, Norway has the US beat. It is a true democracy. So where does the US sit? 19th according to the Democracy Index. Might I add that America is actually a constitutional republic not a true democracy. At BEST, America is a Flawed Democracy. In a country where money form business and rich people will win an election, a group of assholes in the electoral college, not American’s, decides who will be president, and a nation where “corporations are people”, I’d say the FLAWED DEMOCRACY label is perfect.

I’ve heard people say “American’s are the most prosperous people in the world” and that too is false. According to the Legatum Prosperity Index, Norway has America beat. America is 12th as of 2012. NOT EVEN IN THE TOP 10! Is America the “richest nation in the world”? No. It is not. Never was from what I know of. Qatar is the richest nation in the world according to both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The CIA Factbook says Liechtenstein is the richest and Qatar is second richest. But even still, none of the 3 sources I named and linked to has America sitting in the top 5 richest nations. If America was so rich, why is it that the US child poverty rate is 23.1%? It is far lower in Switzerland, Finland,  Norway, and Denmark. Don’t get me started on education. I’m sure we all know how bad America is there.

America isn’t the best place to be born. As a matter a fact, it is ranked 16th(tied with Germany) on the Where to be Born Index 2013. Don’t start saying “America is a mixing pot! if it sucks so bad, why does everybody want to come here?” because that is a LIE! Most of Americas immigrants are from Latin American nations. Besides that, only 12% of America’s population are foreign nationals. There are over 50 countries with more than that, including better nations like Switzerland.

Ok, enough of that. As you can see America is not the best. I am sure people will come and say AMERICA IS THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, and yeah. That is true in a way. But, how does that make you the best when everything America “stands for” is based off bullshit and lies fed to you by the right-wing media and government? Does being a bully really make you the best? No wonder bulling is such a problem in America, it has become the norm. Barbarians. So Overall, what is the best country in the world? FINLAND according to NewsWeek! The US is 11th best. My favorite country, Japan, is 9th. America? You suck America.

You think the US is an an unstoppable super military power? Lets look at the wars America has lost since it came to be:

  1. The War of 1812
  2. The Second Seminole War
  3. Snake War
  4. Red Cloud’s War
  5. Russian Civil War
  6. First Indochina War
  7. Laotian Civil War
  8. Vietnam War
  9. Bay of Pigs Invasion
  10. Cambodian Civil War
  11. Angolan Civil War
  12. Lebanese Civil War

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Additional rankings

Global Peace Index: US is ranked 88th, China is ranked 89th. Iceland is ranked 1st. [link]

Failed State Index: The US ranks 159 out of 177 nations. The higher the number, the better off the country is. America is listed as MODERATE and not “SUSTAINABLE” like nations 165-177 are. [Link]

Ease of Doing Business Index: The US ranks 4th, but ranks 13th in preferable nations to start a business. [Link]

Fraser Institute Freedom Index: America ranks 7th in terms of overall freedom. [Link]

Quality of overall Infrastructure: America ranks 23rd. Switzerland ranks first.[link]

Environmental Performance Index: The US ranks 49th. Switzerland ranks first. [link]

Human Development Index: The US ranks 3rd. Norway ranks First.

Rule of Law Index [link]

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