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I am totally against downloading or watching anime illegally online. I don’t give a damn how poor you are or how much money you are trying to save. If you can’t afford to watch anime, DON’T WATCH IT! You have no right to download or watch streaming anime illegally. It’s illegal in Japan, the US, UK, ect… People have been arrested and charged for illegal downloads, so don’t think nobody will come after you. There is a thing called contributing to copyright infringement.

It cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to make anime. Then the TV networks have to buy the right to air the anime(unless it’s made by the TV network itself). And as for dubs, it at least to $20,000 per episode to licence an anime. I wish we had stronger copyright laws. I don’t think there should be jail time, but the person that violates piracy laws should be forced to pay a MASSIVE fine.

When the company says DON’T REUSE, EDIT, OR REBROADCAST OUR SHIT, that’s exactly what they mean. They didn’t say “You can reuse it if you only intend on helping us.” If they wanted their crap being reused, they would say so. Respect their copyright or you pay for it. Simple as that. Besides, it isn’t your anime or manga to upload. You can pretend like you are doing it to help the industry, but guess what? You don’t have any right to decide what is best for the anime, manga, or industry as a whole, so quit pretending you do.

So once again, if you can’t afford to watch anime, WHO GIVE’S A SHIT?! Watch TV then and stop being a cheap socialist who apparently thinks they are entitled to watch anime for free, at the cost of everyone who worked to make and air it. Websites like JustDubs and MangaFox are ILLEGAL! They can post all the fake legal notices or whatever, that they want. It won’t protect them because it holds no water and they aren’t interpreting the law correctly.

Plus there are international treaties and prohibiting someone from violating another nations copyright laws. American Fair Use laws do not apply to things copyrighted in other nations and it damn sure does not apply if you are uploading an entire series. I’ll bet my entire Anime collection that the idiots at MangaFox, JustDubs, and other sites don’t have ANY legal experience. Scanning Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia isn’t really experience either. You could take what JD and MF know about the law, and shove it down an ant’s throat, and it would rattle around it’s belly, like a fucking BB in a Box car.

There is few websites that legally allowed to stream anime:

  1. Crunchyroll.
  2. Hulu(if uploaded by the anime licencing company
  3. YouTube(if uploaded by the anime licencing company)
  4. FUNimation
  5. The Anime Network
  6. Neon Alley
  7. Daisuki
There have been voice actors like Greg Ayres who have spoken out against fansubs.

There isn’t ONE torrent website legally allowed to have anime on their site for download. NOT ONE!  So, don’t come to me telling me, “You are wrong” or “You don’t know shit” or whatever, because you can easily email the copyright holder and ask them if a particular website has the ok to upload their shit. They will say the same thing: NO!

FUNimation is tired of it. They said this on Twitter:

You see? You idiots can throw all that self-justification and false and unproven/unsupported bullshit about fansubs helping the industry, but it is bullshit. I know you may think that unlicensed anime does not make you legally liable but that too is bullshit. ALL countries that signed the Berne Convention are obligated to enforce the laws of any country that signed that thing. Japan and the US signed it(along with most other countries).

So you are violating Japanese Copyright laws(which does NOT allow streams) and International Copyright laws. “If it was not for the uploads, I would have never been interested in the anime and never would have bought it.” You know, if illegal uploads actually helped(or did not hurt) the industry, why would they be trying so hard to put an end to these uploads? Why would they try to cut off the thing that is allegedly helping them make the money they care so much about? Why would they waste time and money on something that helps them/does not hurt them?

You can’t answer that question without a far out unproven conspiracy theory and I’ve heard enough Coast to Coast AM to say: I don’t care about conspiracy theories. Point is, you idiots contribute to illegal uploads. I don’t give a shit if you don’t speak Japanese. Get a book, go to language class, check out a website, buy some software, and LEARN JAPANESE YOU LAZY FUCK!Can’t afford it? Don’t watch it! I don’t give a shit. RESPECT THE INDUSTRY!

Also, don’t message me saying someone has permission to do something, because unless you plan on forwarding me that email, then your message won’t be posted. Got any issues? Say it. But do not bother if you will not make a Disqus account or include your email.

Report illegal uploads(US only):

NOTE: “Unverified” means I have not yet contacted them about reporting piracy. Meaning, they may or may not help.

US Federal Government:

FUNimation[email protected]

AnimEigo: None- They want to do something but don’t find it economically smart to do so according to their lawyer in an email to me but you can still try at [email protected].

Sentai Filworks/Section 23[email protected]

Crunchyroll: [email protected]

AniPlex: ??

4Kids Entertainment: ???

Manga Entertainment[email protected] (Unverified)

Media Blasters[email protected] (Unverified)

The Right Stuf International: ???

VIZ Media: ???

International Copyright Laws:


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