God is fake

Art by: Koume Keito

Ok, as many of you know already, I am an Atheist and damn proud of it. I find it is time I start re-bashing religion so buckle up mother fuckers:

God is fake. There is no such thing as a god or Jesus or Muhammad or whatever you believe in. There is NO CHANCE IN HELL anything other than a natural cause that would result in earth and life being “made”. Am I closed minded? No, I am realistic and I’d be an idiot to believe in something as far out and crazy as some god creating the universe or creating life or controling what happens on earth. The bible is bullshit. I am shocked such a BS story lasted for so many years. The only thing Christians have to go on is a book allegedly written in 70 A.D. Since drugs were not even banned back then, it is safe to assume the folks who wrote that insane book were high as a kite when they were making that crap. Sorry, but I am not going to even humor the idea of a god making the universe based off a book written by people who were likely in a drug-induced hallucination.

As for you idiots shoving your religion into our already shitty legal system: I don’t want your stupid fucking religion influencing the laws of any country just because a book say’s it. BUT HEY, if it is ok for you Christians or Muslims or Jews to run a country based off your stupid book then it should be just as fine and sane to run a country based off a Manga and start passing laws influenced by a manga. I link the Kodomo no Jikan kinda enviorment. That’s stupid right? Yep. It is just as stupid as your idea of running a country and making laws that coincides with your books and shitty beliefs.

And to you sports athletes, award winning actors and those that always “thank god” or imply god(which is fake) was watching over your insignificant achievement or stupid accident, let me take the sail out of your ego kite right now: Do you really think god, if it was real, gives a shit about your football win, Golden Globe, or fall from your bike when you were jumping off a roof like an idiot? There are victims of rape, slavery, cancer, etc that have bigger problems but you think God is what helped you win some stupid thing? Are you fucking kidding me?!

Finally, you may say: “PROVE GOD IS FAKE!”. Look, there is no reason to disprove something that has never been proven to actually exist in the first goddamn place. In the law and science you are burden with having to prove something exist. Since YOU people are the ones trying to make religion run every aspect of your lives and other peoples lives and you think god created the universe, life and other things then the burden is on YOU! But then again no sane human being would seriously claim that because we have not disproven the existence god, then he must there for exist (or must assume to exist) right? Does the same thing apply to Akaname, Kaijin, unicorns, Jersey Devil, Anime Characters on other planets etc., too? I rest my case.

If he exists he will prove his existence…

….wait for it…

…Still waiting….

…good thing I’m not holding my breath. I’d be dead.

There is no god. Prove it exist. No recognised science has shown there to be a god, Jesus, Allah or whatever people think is controlling everything. I’ve heard people say “I spoke to god! HE TOLD ME HE EXIST!” Look kid, your drug/belief induced hallucination is not a credible source of proof. If an anime fan(like myself) believes anime characters exist in real life I’d sooner or later start to see an anime girl walk in my room calling me “onii-chan” and asking me if I want breakfast. Give me a break. One cannot prove the non-existence of something. For instance, I believe the Kappa exist(not really). I’ve seen drawings in books of them. Prove to me they don’t exist. See how stupid that sounds? If you claim something exists, it is up to you to give the proof of it’s existence. The bible is not proof. It is a book written and rewritten by men, of whom were likely on drugs which were legal and used quite often back then.

OH YEAH, by the way: You know what we got when religion ran someones life? 9/11, the KKK, the Aum Shinrikyo, the list goes on. Tell me how many extreme atheist groups exist. How many of them have killed in honor of their lack of beliefs? I’ll tell you: ZERO and NONE! Fuck, facts show countries with higher numbers of Atheist, Agnostics, and non-believers have lower crimes. So maybe we are better off without religion.

I’d like to add one last thing. To those who suffer “near-death” accidents: STOP THANKING GOD! Stop thinking it played a role in your survival. IT DIDN’T! It doesn’t exist. If it existed, people who actually diserve to be saved would be.

1) Children being sexually abused

2) The poor

3) Every fucking body with Cancer or some terminal illness

4) Innocent civilians in mass murders

5) Me

THE LIST GOES ON! Oh, I can hear the rumbles beginning now. I can hear you getting all puffed up w/ your righteous indignation and your superior sense of morality, tsk-tsking about how insensitive, absurd, and unrealistic I’m being. SAVE IT! I’m immune to your moral exhibitionism. Deep down inside you know I’m, right. And no, it’s not “god’s” plan to kill of people. If there is a god and that is how he acts, I’d rather not believe in him. Based off what I’ve heard…he sounds like a selfish self-centered, egotistical, self-righteous, sanctimonious SON-OF-A-BITCH! I’ve said all I need to say. That was more than enough to shut you fuckers and have a nice day.


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