I hate pedophiles

Sasebo Slashing

OH BOY, I know what is coming now. A shit storm of epic proportions. People who hate me or such will say “You like lolicon, so you hate yourself”. Let me give you a news flash: LOLICON DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN YOU ARE A PEDO! No more than playing violent video games mean you are a psychopath or watching shows like Dexter make you a serial killer. Stop being an irrational close minded twit you retard. Anyway, on to the topic at hand. Scumbag pedos. WHAT?! I’m picking on Pedophile’s ?! Don’t I have anything better to do? *inhale* No, I don’t. I hate pedos. We all know this already. I created the LDTF as an anti-pedophile and pro-lolicon organization. I don’t give a fuck if all pedophiles will or will not fuck kids. THEY WANT TO FUCK KIDS AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS! I am sick of pedophiles. I am sick of them I say eradicate them all like the pest they fucking are.

Many, if not all, of my diatribes, of course, are aimed at Pedo’s, there supporters, defenders, or people who try and make it like only conservatives and religious people think Pedophilia is wrong(aka the blamers). That’s right! There are people who fit one of these categories in the Loli-Community! “Children want to have sex & can consent to it” that say. Well since there’s nobody willing to step up to the plate and attack those idiotic fuckers, I’m happy to do so. Most of my opinions will irritate the pedo’s, their supports, defenders, and victim blamers. They will try and fight back. But they’ll never be able to refute it with any degree of fact or logic.

I believe that the fundamental concepts, the factor that goes in to making up the distorted world of a pedophile, are very similar in most cases! Pedophiles want to see themselves as victims in order to justify their not setting personal limits. Seeing themselves as the ones being victimized allows them to do anything without any real sense of guilt or responsibility. Pedophiles refuse to accept that they pose higher then normal risk to children. They want to rationalize a justification for them doing precisely what they want so they try to assure theirselves and others that fantasizing is far, far better that actually abusing a victim and that what ya are envisioning is something that, quote, “We could never do” in real life. Ultimately however, they become so totally obsessed with the thrill of this new idea, that they abandon their commitment to just fantasize and so they act out.

Pedophiles withdraw as children in a fantasy world armed with a self-created sense of being “different” They live in a world of justifications, minimization’s, delusions, and denials. I’m not sympathetic at all. In fact, the proudest day of my life will be when one of them kills himself and leaves a note saying “I can’t take it anymore. Akemi drove me to it” HEY PEDOS? I’m coming over tonight and put a bullet through your head, do you hear(read) me? I’m coming to put a bullet through your worthless empty fucking head so you can drown in your own fucking blood.

Don’t give me that “not all pedos will hurt children” because you don’t know that and I don’t care. Most cases of child sex abuse go unreported so how do you fucking know? Pedos will molest over 260 children in their lifetime. Your dad could be a pedo. Your grand dad, your best friend, your brother, your teacher, IT DOES NOT MATTER! They do a good job at being innocent and deceiving. Best thing to do is kill them all. For any long time readers you will know my views. Death and execution to all pedophiles is my goal and that would apply scumbags who downloaded child porn or even looked at a child with a dirty pervy look. I say give me a metal bat so I can turn his knees into jello.

Ok, How about a final “solution” to this? Step into my oven, it’s time for a pedophile holocaust! I would hurt them so much it would upset and shock everybody in this goddamn country. I can think of really nasty things that I would like to see done to pedophiles. And I wouldn’t care if it didn’t change their behavior, it would just certainly put them all on notice that if you do this, you will have your skin removed and you will be tortured. I would love to feed them to a tree shredder.

I wouldn’t want them to die right away. I’d like them to experience repeated butt fucking several times, and long after they are left begging for death, I’d give them a gas can with a little gas in it and a match and they can light themselves on fire in the middle of the fucking prison yard. THAT would leave an impression. Lock them in a cell and have them repeatedly raped. Repeat this from time to time until they are executed. This way they die a mental death many times over until they are granted the mercy of an execution. Sort of what their victims go through until they die.

I hate pedophiles with a passion you can only dream of and I hope they all die.

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