Near Earth Asteroids

"Just like this, until the world ends"

(“Just like this, until the world ends”)

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This is a list of Near Earth Asteroids that pose a threat to the earth within the next 100 years. This is updated daily.

Color Key: This is based off the Torino Scale

Level 1(Minimal)– Stay updated.

Level 2-4(Possible)– Worry.

Level 5-7(Moderate)– Prepare to panic.

Level 8-10(High)– PANIC!


  1. 2007 VK184(1)- 4 Potential Impacts! This will pose risk to earth on 06/03/48. On 05/2014 we will know the new odd of an impact as it will make a close approach with earth.

    2013 TV135 Potential Impacts: 2! This Asteroid may impact the Earth in 8/26/2032. It is big enough to wipe out 100,000 square mile radius of land.

Honorable Mentions:

    1. 99942 Apophis (2004 MN4)– Not currently listed as a threat to earth anymore. After a pass in 2013, it was ruled that the asteroid does NOT post a threat to earth in 2036, as previously believed.

    2. (29075) 1950 DA[jp]- This asteroid is not listed on the threat list because it will not strike in our lifetime but it will hit the earth on March 16, 2880. When impact happens it will cause major effects on the climate and biosphere which would be devastating to human civilization. If it was a threat within the next 100 years it would be listed as a LEVEL 10 threat. New info will not be available on this asteroid until 2032.

    3. 2012 DA14– This asteroid has not been listed as a threat by the JPL but there is reason to believe this asteroid WILL come deadly close to the earth (or impact earth) on 2/15/13 at 19:26(UTC). It could have the power of the Tunguska Blast of 1909 so it will not hit the earth with enough power to wipe it out. The asteroid will only cause LOCALIZED damage. The margin of error is too small for it NOT hit the earth according to some experts. Scientist will now start calculating the impact location and damage likely to follow. Damage will likely be localized to a few miles around impact. [More news: Russia Today]

    4. 2011 AG5– On 12/21/12 the asteroid was removed from the list of asteroids that posed a risk to earth. It was a level 1 threat. [link]

ALL information comes from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Run an impact simulation using the: Earth Impact Effects Program

List of dangerous Near Earth Objects by the Minor Planet Center

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