Race Drivers and Specators killed in 2011

This is an accurate and updated list of drivers and spectators killed this year in racing. CONTACT ME IF I’M MISSING ANY!

Gustavo Sondermann(29): 4/3/11- During the first race of the 2011 Copa Chevrolet Montana season, held in heavy rain at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace, Sondermann collided with Pedro Boesel at the fast Subida dos Boxes kink before the start-finish straight. He was extricated from his car and transferred to hospital in an induced coma, where he later died from severe head injuries.

Matthew Marker(31):  4/30/11- He died from injuries sustained during the Olympus Rally based in Ocean Shores, Wash.

Jeff ‘Ox’ Kargola(27): 4/30/11- He died from head injuries and internal bleeding at a San Felipe, Mexico, hospital Friday morning, during the second day of the Desert Assassins 2011 Rip to the Tip cross-desert race.

Maico Greg Buncio(22): 5/15/11- He was killed at the dangerous track known as, Clark Speedway. He was thrown off some 100 meters from his bike and his body was impaled on a protruding reed bar in an unfinished barrier on the speed way. The bar punctured his body and damaged his kidney and liver.

Blake Henson(20): 8/28/11- He was killed at a race sanctioned by High Fly MX race course near Crothersville, IN. He lost control of the ATV and the ATV landed on him.

Benjamin Gautrey(18) 8/30/11- He suffered “significant and serious chest injuries” after falling on the first lap and being hit by two other riders, at a British Superbikes race in the National Superstock 600.

Bert Jackson(51): 9/13/11- His car hit both the right and left walls before barrel rolling down the track during a drag race.

Unknown(66): 9/13/11- The driver, of the drag racing car, was going 136mph, and it failed to slow down, and it actually increased speed. A standardized chute also didn’t deploy as the car left the track and struck trees and rocks, shredding the vehicle’s exterior. The passenger cage remained intact, despite the violence of the crash, and was found more than 300 feet away from the track with the driver inside.

Richard DeKneef(53) and Merle Hill(41): 9/19/11- Driver and Navigator were killed in a race Silver State Classic Challenge in NV. Authorities say the 1994 Camaro they were driving was traveling at about 200 mph when the tire blew. The vehicle rolled several times and caught fire. Both men died at the scene.

Dan Wheldon(33): 10/16/11- He was killed during the season finale of the IndyCar Series at the Las Vegas Superspeedway LIVE on ABC. He was involved in a 15 car crash, his car went airborne and flew in to the wall, then was hit by multiple cars while on fire. His cause of death was determened to be Blunt force trauma to the head caused by head helmet hitting a support pole for the catch fence, at 200 mph. His roll hoop was sheared off by the crash and his helmet damaged. [My tribute to Dan Wheldon]

Marco Simoncello(24) 10/23/11- His bike veered across the track and straight into the path of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi and his body took the full impact of the crash. Simoncelli lay stricken on the track after the crash, his helmet having come off during the incident. The race was subsequently canceled. These events unfolded LIVE on Speed TV.

Jim McNeil(32) 11/6/11- He was killed at a practice run at the Texas Motor Speedway on his motorcycle in an exhibition run before the FMX race which was to be the opener for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race that took place that day.

Guido Falaschi(22) 11/13/11- He was killed in a crash at the Juan Manuel Fangio race track in the Turismo de Carretera series. His car hit the retaining wall made of tires and flew back in traffic and was hit 3 other times.

Honorable Mentions:

Bill Currie(?): 5/31/11- He was killed at the Ballacrye Corner during the 2011 Isle of Man TT

Kevin Morgan(?): 5/31/11- He was also killed at the Ballacrye Corner during the 2011 Isle of Man TT

Derek Brien(?) 6/6/11- He was killed at the Gorse Lea during the 2011 Isle of Man TT

Neil Kent(?) 8/24/11- He was killed at the Greeba Bridge during the 2011 Manx Grand Prix

Wayne Hamilton(?): 8/29/11- He was killed at the 13th Milestone during the 2011 Manx Grand Prix.

Adam Easton(?): 8/31/11- He was killed at the Lambfell during the 2011 Manx Grand Prix

Robert M. Morgan(?): 11/10/11- He was killed in a power boat race in Florida in the Key West Super Boat World Championships.

Jeffrey Tillman(?): 11/10/11- He was also killed in the same boat as Robert in the KWSBWC

Joey Gratton(59): 11/14/11- He was killed in the KWSBWC race days after Robert and Jeffrey were killed.

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