Predictions for 2010

I’m Atheist, but I’m also a End of the World Fan. So I consider other religions predictions. Which is what the blog is about. The List of Predictions for 2010.

My Predictions:
  1. There will be at least 2 Fatalities in the 2010 NHRA Season. [1], [2], and [3] (Right!)
  2. New York City will be Nuked by Terrorist.(WRONG!)
  3. Massive Earthquake Hits Japan and/or US West Coast(Predicted at 10:45pm-ESDT- on 3/15/10) (Right!)
  4. There will be a serious incident in either NASCAR, IRL, or Formula 1. (Right!)
  5. I believe there may be a domestic terror attack in the US.
Government Predictions:
  1. There will be a Terror Attack by Al Qaeda on US Soil before July. (WRONG!)
Web Bot Predictions:
  1. November 8-11, 2010 – The web bot warns of a big tipping point, possibly a stock market crash or financial issue of some sort.
  2. Six very large earthquakes are yet to come during the rest of 2010(As of April 6th)
  3. No warfare between Israel and Iran, at least not until November.
Nostradamus Predictions:
  1. There will be a small war among the Arab/Muslim nations of the Middle East and northern Africa. Extremists will fight against moderates, and the extremists will win. There will be uprisings, coups, and outright war. Arabs will fight against Arabs, Muslims will fight against Muslims. This will begin and end in the year 2010, over the course of only a few weeks or months (beginning after the Warning on Good Friday of 2010). At the end, the extremists will have won in each of the Arab/Muslim nations. If they cannot win through uprisings and coups, then the other extremist nations will attack in open warfare. They will not permit any Arab/Muslim nations in the Middle East and northern Africa to be moderate or democratic or friendly to the West. (WRONG!)
  2. These Arab/Muslim extremists will consolidate their power within each of these nations. The leader of Iran and the leader of Iraq, at that time, will have the most power, control, and influence over the other Arab/Muslim nations in the Middle East and northern Africa. They will form one group of nations, led by Iran and Iraq. Then they will begin to threaten the West. (WRONG!)
  3. New York City will be struck by a nuclear bomb explosion. The explosion occurs sometime between June 1st and December 31st of 2010, inclusive. This bomb will be an actual nuclear bomb, not merely ‘dirty bomb.’ It will not be sent by a missile. The city will not be totally destroyed, but the effects of the explosion will be devastating. The radioactive fall-out will devastate the surrounding area, particularly New Jersey. The bomb will be sent by the group of Arab/Muslim nations formed earlier that year, led by Iran and Iraq. This nuclear attack marks the start of World War 3.
  4. In the evening sky of Aug. 6, 2010 a close grouping of Saturn, Venus, and Mars. The 1987 Southern Hemisphere supernova will then be getting brighter and more visible to the unaided eye, from a collision of gases in space; it is a sign that hope for the world will come from the Southern Hemisphere. A world leader will come from the Southern Hemisphere to rebuild the world, during 2011-14. Some will believe he is a Messiah or returned Christ. He will work all kinds of miracles, and he will be a force for good in the world. Maybe the New Jerusalem will be located in New York City. The seven World Trade Center buildings could be the seven golden candlesticks in Revelation 1. This may mean that the seven World Trade Center buildings in New York City will be rebuilt there, and serve as a Cathedral for this new Messiah. This chart shows a Grand Cross and a diamond shape in the Astrology chart for August 6 2010, possibly indicating a nuclear war.(WRONG!)
Bible Code Predictions:
  2. Comet Impact: The 1000 Ft High Tidal Wave would submerge New York City, the death of sea life and humans would spread and poison the waters of the Eastern Coast, USA.
  3. Earthquake in CA: The channelings predict the possibility of a giant Magnitude 8 California Earthquake in Southern California in April 2010. The channeling prediction is for a giant Magnitude Eight Quake in Southern California on the San Andreas Fault in year 2010, specifically April 2010 is mentioned for a Magnitude 8 quake in Southern California, and a 7.6 in San Francisco in May 2010. (WRONG!)
  4. June 2010. Possible major tsunami tidal wave could hit Washington State from offshore undersea quake, also in August. (WRONG!)
  5. Sept. 9, 2010. The Jewish New Year’s Day Rosh Ha Shanh, when according to Bible Prophecy the Battle of Armageddon may occur. (WRONG!)
  6. Sept. 16, 2010. A 6-6-6 degree Astrology pattern, with 3 planets at 6 degrees: Saturn/Satan at 6 degrees Libra, Venus at 6 degrees Scorpio, and Mercury at 6 degrees Virgo. Could this indicate a major war then? (WRONG!)
  7. Nov. 4, 2010. The last 3 1/2 year period of great disasters ends, as described in the Book of Revelation. Could this indicate a major war in August-November 2010? Also, my channeling predicts an Asian 100 foot Tsunami Tidal Wave could hit Asia and India in Nov. 2010 from a major quake. And a possible Japan major quake.
Craig Hamilton-Parker:
  1. Bin Laden dies.
  2. Important public figure revealed to be a member of a white supremacy movement with 2010 seeing a serious increase in racist attacks
  3. Iran gives up its quest for a nuclear bomb but South Korea continues to threaten peace.
  4. Celebrity is kidnapped and a ransom demand made.
  5. The monsoon arrives late but falls as one torrential downpour causing unprecedented flooding and human tragedy. Florida too sees three major hurricanes in close succession that strike deep into the continent with higher than normal tremors on San Andreas fault line.
  6. The last Big Brother series ends with tragedy as someone on set is seriously hurt.
  7. System failures on the US space lab require a rescue mission with Russian help.
  8. Japanese bullet train terrorist attack attempt is foiled
  9. European parliament move to make heroin legal for addicts who wish to take it under medical supervision. The war on drugs heats up as central London sees a street shoot out between rival gangs
Terry and Linda Jamison(The Psychic Twins)
  1. No Big Earthquake nor Tsunami in the US
  2. There will be a hurricane in the Gulf Coast, but not in the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina.
  3. There will be several terrorist attacks in the US and also in other countries later this year, starting in March. Attacks on Aircrafts will fail. (Right!)
Nikki, Psychic to the Stars
Trouble on the moons surface and atmosphere.

A hostage taking incident at a New York City bank.

An avalanche at Whistler, B.C.

The Lost City of Atlantis will be found.

More ancient Mummies will be found in Egypt.

Treasure from a Spanish Galleon Ship will be found under the sea.

A worldwide power blackout.

A tsunami in Japan.

Reptiles invading El Passo, Texas.

Another shooting, this time at a US Naval Base.

A terrorist attack at Edwards Airforce Base.

A fire on Broadway in New York.

A famous castle will burn to the ground.

Giant bats will attack a city in South America.

Tragedy at an oil rig.

A shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark in a popular shopping area – many people injured and killed.

A terrorist attack in Germany.

A terrorist attack in British Columbia.

An oil spill destroys the Mississippi River.Its in the works!

Trouble at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

A mysterious insect will kill the corn crop in Iowa, USA.

A huge breakthrough in the cure for Diabetes through stem cell research.

A bridge collapses in China killing thousands.

A fire at the home of the Wall Street Journal.

A commercial airliner crashes over the state of Arizona.

A plane will be hijacked at Toronto International Airport.

Two cruise ships will collide in the Caribbean.

Passing of Fidel Castro.

A very large earthquake in Seattle, Washington destroying a lot of landmarks and killing many people.

Many rare white lions will be found in Africa.

A major coffee chain will go bankrupt.

A tragedy in the Rain Forest around a swinging bridge.

A blimp exploding over a stadium.

Danger around President Barack Obama.

Assassination attempt against President Barack Obama.

Assassination of Barack Obama.

Yet another sex scandal in Washington, DC.

More exotic insects in fruits and vegetables which are imported attacking people.

President Sarkozy of France in danger.

Tragedy at the Grand Canyon.

Trouble on the Paris subway.

Giant earthquake in California.

Giant earthquake in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

A devastating earthquake in Rome and Naples, Italy.

A shark kills a famous Australian athlete.

A fire at the famed Redwood Forest north of San Francisco, California.

Danger around the Dahlia Lama.

Trouble and explosion at the Ambassador Bridge.

A famous Las Vegas casino hotel will burn to the ground.

Former US President Jimmy Carter has to watch his health.

A terrorist attack in Dubais.

Serious injuries to a Hollywood movie star on an amusement ride at a theme park.

A person from the world of fashion will perish in a plane crash.

A cure for the disease Lupus.

A plane crashes at a major airport because of a computer glitch and problems.

A disease will kill maple trees.

An ocean liner will sink like the Titanic.

More arm and leg transplants being successful.

A ferry boat will capsize with many people on board.

Air Force One will be hijacked.

Washington, DC. On fire.

Pirates will hijack a cruise ship and kill some people on board.

A famous Hollywood actor will be held for ransom.

A politician’s children will be kidnapped.

An insect will destroy lilac trees.

A major perfume company will go bankrupt.

A major heist at a New York museum.

A robbery at Tiffany’s in New York.

An explosion on the New York subway.

An explosion at Rockefeller Center.

A daredevil will attempt to climb the Empire State Building.

A worldwide computer virus.

More ancient dinosaur fossils will be found.

A ski lift will come tumbling down at a resort.

A sea serpent will be found off the coast of Japan.

Explosions in Iran.

Explosions at the Great Wall of China.

China and Tibet at war.

Ancient carvings and artifacts will be found in Mexico.

Hillary Clinton has to watch her health and an assassination attempt.

Bill Clinton has to watch his health.

Invasion of Iran by the US.

Iran will attack another country.

A biological attack on the US.

A tsunami off the coast of Alaska.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Alaska.

Sarah Palin will divorce. (Right!)

Uprising in Venezuela.

Chavez has to be careful of his well being.

A daredevil will scale the Eiffel Tower.

Another planet with life will be found in the Universe.

Problems with North Korea.

North Korea will launch a missile towards Japan and South Korea.

Stock market will plunge including the Asian markets for a couple of days to a week but will recover.

A new species of fish will be found.

A terrorist attack in London, England, Los Angeles, New York, Scotland, Ireland, Toronto, Florida, and Chicago.

Arrest in the Madeline McCann case.

Arrest in the Jon Benet Ramsey case.

Americas Most Wanted John Walsh has to watch for danger and his health.

Nancy Grace will receive many awards.

Attacks in Karachi, Mumbai, Turkey, Calcutta, Oslo, Norway.

The Sydney Opera House in Australia will have a massive fire.

Category Five Hurricane wipes out Miami.

Typhoon in Taiwan.

Typhoon and floods in Bangladesh.

Hurricane hits New Orleans.

More tsunamis’ in Sumatra, Indonesia, Alaska, Hawaii, and Japan.

Mudslides in California.

Mount St. Helens erupting.

Earthquake in Seattle, Washington.

A tornado in Indiana kills many.

Great earthquake in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Earthquake in Lake Tahoe.

Earthquake in Rome and Naples, Italy.

Earthquake in Alaska, Japan, Greece, British Columbia, China, Iran, Toronto, Quebec, and Niagara Falls.

Floods in Amsterdam, Holland, Bangladesh, Great Britain, Venice, Italy, Gulf Coast, Florida, and France.

A tornado in California.

Part of the Polar Ice Cap melts.

Wildfires spreading to Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Tsunami in Malibu, California.

Wildfires in Greece, Australia, Texas.

Mudslides in India and California.

A Formula One car will hit a fan injuring them.

Terrorist attack in Las Vegas

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