The Police – Part 2: Fuck the ungrateful

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Sister post: Part 1 – Brutality 

With an increasing number of civilians, media figures, celebrities, and politicians openly expressing anti-police rhetoric and trying to make police officers jobs harder & more dangerous than it already is, it is time to start considering the option of NOT protecting and serving the public in general. Not sure where I am going with this? Let me put it this way: You speak out against the police or try and make police officers lives harder, they ignore your cries for help.

Police departments around the country should start to consider the option of refusing to help individuals and neighborhoods that are known to be a problem for police. If you hate the police or hate how they do their job so much, fucking protect yourself.  If someone walks into CNN’s news headquarters or a court room and shoots up the place, don’t call the police because you turned your back on them. Go call someone over in the “West End” and see how many of those thugs you support will come running in to help your ass.

Police officers have no legal obligation to protect civilians and they should make that clear in areas that are hostile towards police. Investigate your own crimes, clean up your own bodies, protect yourself if you don’t like the police that much. I am 100% sure that sooner or later, the assholes that are anti-police or critical of the police will be BEGGING the police to help them. Everybody is anti-police until they actually need the police.

It isn’t thugs that run into an active shooter situation, it’s police. It isn’t thugs that put their lives on the line for complete strangers, it’s the police. So do not bite the hand that protects you because, believe it or not, you may one day need that hand.

Big isn’t beautiful – fat shaming isn’t wrong

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A teenage girl in the UK made news on Metro UK because Mcdonald’s staff said the truth and said “this fat woman wants six burgers.” Which she did and which she was. The article and the photos included were so funny, I started to think it was Metro UK’s attempt at humor but nope!

It would seem that we currently live in a society that is trying to normalize something that should NOT be normalized….obesity. With phrases like “big is beautiful,” “it’s what’s on the inside that matters,” and “fat-shaming”, we are gradually attempting to make fat people seem normal and healthy…well, guess what? I’m not joining the politically correct crowd. Big is NOT beautiful. There is no way you can call someone with +100 lbs of fat on their body “beautiful.” It’s disgusting, unhealthy, and downright disrespectful.

I am currently 6 feet, 150 lbs with about 15% body fat and a BMI of 20. I am pretty healthy in terms of weight and body fat. There was one point in my life where i ate like a fat shit and almost reached 200 lbs but before I reached it, I decided, “no fucking way” and I started to cut back on my eating habits and now I am good to go. Now, yes, I’ve been blessed with a very high metabolism so I can eat all I want and gain almost nothing but that is beside the point…

But I’d like to focus on the main reason for this blog post…the word “fat shaming.” I don’t know why came up with that liberal ass word, but lets get real: The worst part of fat shaming is actually crying about fat shaming. If you were not such a giant lard ass, you wouldn’t have to worry about being “shamed” in the first place. The ONLY people that have an excuse for being fat are those with preexisting conditions that cause obesity like those with Hypothyroidism but for the most part, people are fat because of their own personal choices.

What gives you or anybody else the right to say people like me are wrong for calling you out for being fat?! It’s not bullying, it’s the truth. Since when has the TRUTH become a taboo thing? When you choose to eat 6 large pizzas in one sitting, order 18 big macs from Mcdonalds, or go through a gallon tub of ice cream in 10 minutes and then you get up in arms because someone said you should lose some weight, then don’t get mad at us, get mad at yourself. If you are able to do something about yourself but are too lazy or too comfortable with the way things are, then you deserve to be shamed.

“The lord gave you a body and look what you’ve done to it.” If you don’t like being called fat, stop being fat. Eat right, get off your fatass and exersize, and better your body because you cannot normalize an unhealthy lifestyle like overeating, and inactivity. If you choose to be fat, I choose to call you out for it. You can either blow it off or change, either way, I won’t.


Yaya and I…

NOTE: Most identifiable information has been withheld, to protect the identity of others by the request of Yaya. 

I said I would do this months ago and now I will…the story of Yalitz and I. I wanted to wait a bit longer to do this but things are getting get  WAAAAAAAAY out of hand so here we go….

When I first met Yaya,it was a few years ago when I was dating another girl named Alex Ha*****. Yaya was trying to get my attention and she failed. If anything, she annoyed me to the pint of blocking her for a LONG TIME….I didn’t speak to her for a while after that, even after my relationship with Alex ended. Forward to earlier this year, Yaya randomly contacted me. That came off as suspicious to me, so I gave her a lot of shit. I suspected her of being a spy for one of my exes, a man trolling me, and someone out for harmful reasons. She didn’t back down an eventually, I agreed to date her after she asked me to date her. As time went on, she proved herself to NOT be any of the things I feared.

Before we started dating and after we started dating, I warned her and she knew that I am a giant piece of shit in terms of being boyfriend/friend material. Hundreds have tried to be my friend, only a hand full last longer than a year and even fewer are still friends with me to this day. She understood and accepted this fact. Now on to what matters….

Yaya’s mom and stepdad are highly religious Pentecostal Christians of Latino origin. Yaya was, for all intent and purpose, their slave for her entire life. Hell, Yaya dropped out of high school and even left a job so she could help her mother. So once Yaya decided to stop being a mommas girl and started trying to get her own life in order, her mom and stepdad weren’t too pleased with that. There were times where they pretended to be ok with it but that fake crap was eventually seen through. Things got serious after her mom made Yaya take care of her little sister(age: 8) for a month, while her mom and her stepdad went out preaching to strangers instead of taking care of their own 8-year old daughter. At some point, child services were called due to a teachers overthinking, and Yaya got in trouble for it. Her mom REPEATEDLY punched Yaya in the face for not “taking good care” of her little sister and for refusing to be dragged around like a lapdog while they go for MORE preaching.

After that, I told Yaya to call the police if it happens again….and it did. Yaya wanted to go outside instead of being trapped inside the house being her mom’s bitch, and her mom decided to, again, repeatedly strike Yaya with her fist. That resulted in Yaya following my advice and her calling the police. The police didn’t think Yaya was safe there, so they advised Yaya to find some where else to stay(which she didn’t immediately) since she refused to file charges.

Some time later, Yaya was then left alone at home while her mom and stepdad, again, decided to go away for a long tie and preach across the US, leaving her little sister at someone elses house. This was a problem, because Yaya had no phone(her mom broke it out of anger), no money, and no way to protect herself in a city that has a very high crime rate(Holyoke, MA). So, at that point I decided that enough-was-enough, and I went to the state where Yaya lived and helped Yaya out.

That lasted for a few days until one of the sex offenders her mom/stepdad are friends with told her mom that I was there. As a result, even though Yaya was on the lease, her mom threaten to have me killed and told Yaya that her that one of her older brothers, Teddy Perez, was on the way to deal with the both of us…that doesn’t sound too bad until you know why that makes Yaya’s mom a HORRIBLE person. Her brothers sexually abuse her when she was a child and her mom knew that. What mother would use such a person as a way to scare their own flesh and blood?

So after that, since I didn’t bring my gun(Greyhound, you cocksuckers), I decided to bring Yaya with me to Chesapeake, VA. And since then, that is where we have lived. She has been happier(I guess), safer, and more free since being freed from her horrible bipolar mom and asshole stepdad. There were many more bad things but I am too lazy to type everything and I am sure I’ve said enough as it is.

So, before turning me into a bad guy, try and get the WHOLE story not just the Twitter/Facebook story. Don’t jump to conclusions, because it won’t make me stress out, only yourself.

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