No higher wage for you – you’re expendable.

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BLOGGER NOTE: It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blog post due to personal matters I’m dealing with, but I’m paying for this goddamn website to stay up and ad-free, so new content needs to be pumped in monthly, so lets get started….

Since the early 1900s, minimum wage has been a topic of mass discussion in the United States. Back then, the average wage was about .22 cents per hour. Back then, people were rightfully upset with the pay. Hard physical labor deserved higher pay back then…..forward to today, and things are different. People working in fast food, retail, or driving a bus for a few hours every day believe they should earn a LOT more money than they deserve.

I hate to break it to you, but pissing around doing a job that a 16-year old punk kid could do hardly entitles you to a $15/hour pay, not even $13/hour. An overwhelming majority of people demanding higher pay are doing jobs that literally ANYBODY PERSON can do. If you want better pay, find a better job and make sure it’s a job a fucking chip cannot do. As everybody has heard before, fast food and retail jobs.

The only people that have any real right to demand better pay are doing hard physical labor or very high stressed jobs like farming, construction, teaching, etc. law enforcing, and so on. Flipping burgers for 8 hours or walking around a store in a silly blue uniform looking stupid isn’t going to get you that nice big check you dream of every night. Go to university and work towards a degree that is worth something, or if you were not blessed with a brain, go out and find a really good trade SKILL and earn the right to demand more money. In the end, if you do not like the money your sorry ass is making then quit work and let someone else do your job because trust me, you can be replaced within minutes.

…….ON THE OTHER HAND, greedy companies that refuse to pay their worthless wage employees are not immune in this rant. Paying people the bare minimum required to ensure your employee will have a place to call home(apartment, not a house) and the money necessary for them to eat, not smell like ass, and look decent is the least any company or business should pay others. It’s not unreasonable to want to at least earn enough money to survive instead of relying on the government or charities for money.

So, the minimum wage should be the average cost of living in a given state. Nothing more, nothing less. If or when that day comes, if you want money for extra shit like a big house, great care, premium TV, and all that good stuff then find a better job. That is all there is to it.


Anime Dubs or subs: Your argument means NOTHING!

edce12057df37d7f6977bd00c176600f anime Anime Dubs or subs: Your argument means NOTHING! edce12057df37d7f6977bd00c176600f

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For fuck knows how long, most English-speaking anime fans have fought over what is better or what they prefer; Japanese voices and english subtitles(subs) or English language voices dubbed over the original voices(dubs). So, which one is better? Contrary to popular belief, there is no one single answer. There are good dubs and bad dubs. There are good originals and bad originals. There are times where the dub is better than the original and visa-versa.

Now instead of making a long-winded rant about why this argument in general is fucking ignorant, I’ll just state the following: If you do not speak Japanese fluently, then your opinion on the Japanese voice acting is null and void because what sounds great in one language may sound like shit to a native or fluent speaker of the Japanese language. I didn’t realize that until I bothered to learn the Japanese language and what I thought was good acting started to sound pretty mediocre at best.


Sorry, but your ignorant bias for Japanese actors and against english actors is fucking ridiculous so spare everybody your bullshit because nobody that understands Japanese wants to see it.

How to date a Yandere

f4c795604a80c093350a00f14aea0913 Yandere How to date a Yandere f4c795604a80c093350a00f14aea0913

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(Original post from: MegaTokyo)

When obsession wins over love and you’ve got yourself an immensely affectionate stalker instead of a girlfriend, you have a yandere on your hands. These are the kind of girls that break into your house while you’re away, hide under your bed while you’re at home, schlick directly under you while you sleep, come out when you’re gone again, schlick again in your bed while licking and humping your pillows, and then proceed to check your messages to see if you’re involved with another girl. They usually don’t have any kind of higher ideal or ethical policy; they sometimes don’t even view themselves as people so much as an entity made out of the impulse or desire to be with their man. A yandere is awesome because it’s outwardly impossible to tell that the girl is completely insane; she has just enough presence of mind left over to maintain a convincing facade, and God help everyone around her if she decides to drop it. If you don’t react well, things could get messy, so in the off chance you don’t want to enjoy the fruits of your yandere’s darker exploits, here are several things you need to take into account.

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