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Every now and then, a business would do something so stupid that it’s breathtaking: Reject law enforcement. It is undoubtedly the dumbest thing a business could do short of setting fire to their own establishment in front of their insurance agent and claiming accident insurance. I understand it is the right of a business to reject anybody for any reason(not necessarily true) but that doesn’t mean such actions will go unpunished. ANY business that rejects law enforcement as consumers in ANY way should be “blackballed” by local departments, which would be legal, I guess, thanks to Warren v. District of Columbia, Castle Rock v. Gonzales, and other similar court rulings.

If you do not want police officers as consumers or police officers carrying their weapon inside, then fucking protect yourselves and do your own investigating when you’re robbed. Don’t expect protection from those you reject. Ever heard of the phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” or “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”? Yeah, our parents told us that as kids and that applies here.

And what in god’s name makes you think it’s a great idea to reject what is, for all intent and purpose, FREE SECURITY? A smart business would welcome law enforcement at any time, grant them discounts(or free meals), and treat them like they are special VIP consumers. Only a really stupid or desperate criminal would attempt to rob a business that is known to be pro-law enforcement, and therefore, likely occupied by law enforcement most of the day.

Funny how some business will reject police officers but the minute someone robs them or causes a massive disturbance, they are quick to threaten to or actually call the same police they reject. So, police departments that face an anti-police business should refuse to respond to 911 calls to said businesses unless there is a life threatening situation underway. And any business that rejects law enforcement should start calling thugs for protection or defend themselves.

Oh, and don’t give me this “we pay their salary(taxes)” bullshit because you don’t exactly have a choice, now do you? So don’t speak as if you CHOOSE to “pay their salary” because you either pay taxes or you get a visit from the police you rejected, simple as that.  Funny how that works, huh? Hell, I’m pretty sure if you put a law on the ballot in every state asking voters if ‘law enforcement should be allowed to refuse to respond to businesses that do not allow police’, a majority of those voters, those TAXPAYERS, would vote YES. But that’s beside the point and I think I already made mine.

United States of Japan – Japan has FUCKED Itself.

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(Artist: KWS)
I use to like Japan…no, I use to LOVE Japan. I spent my winters in Hokkaido, talked highly about the country, and all that crap. But in the past few years, the Japan I and the rest of the world loved and respected is quickly descending into a tailspin and something it did this week ensured that the tailspin will continue. Yes, Japan just took a MASSIVE step in the wrong direction. An court has ruled that Japan can continue to profile and survel Muslims in the country and didn’t say shit about how police are allowed to handle it.


A country that has been around longer than the Christian bible, has decided to make an issue out of something that has NEVER been an issue? A country that has more SUICIDES per day than it has Islamic terrorism per YEAR(0) wants to start watching a group of people that has never attacked the nation in recorded history? A country that not only has NEVER had an Islamic terror attack, but also a country that has NEVER had any kind of foreign terror attack since the late Shōwa Era?

As I said before and I’ll fucking say again, Prime Minister Abe, the Liberal Democratic Party, and their allies are going to turn Japan into the USA of the Eastern World instead of the Switzerland(Another country free of Islamic terrorism) of the Eastern World. The biggest threat to Japan isn’t ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or any Muslims, or any kind of foreigners for that matter. The biggest threat to Japan is the current regime put in charge because the senile elderly outnumber the youthful and educated voters of Japan.

And don’t give me this “Japan doesn’t have many Muslims, that’s why” because guess the fuck what? Neither does the US. Yes, .14% of Japan’s population is made up of Muslims, but .81 of the US population has Muslims and only 4.8% of the population of the UK is Muslim. Spain is made up of 4.1% Muslims. Sweden has 5% Muslims. I could go on, I really could. But the point is that just because you do not have a lot of Muslims, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from Islamic terrorism or even have a lower chance of Islamic terrorism.

What puts a country at risk for Islamic terrorism is that countries level of military involvement in radical Islamic hotspots. Countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and others have such a large number of Islamic terrorism attacks because they are fighting against terror groups in and near their nation. They HAVE to fight, those that have made it clear that they are a threat to their nation’s safety. The US and UK do too, but that is because they decided to poke the radical Islamic bear back early 1990s, which sadly resulted in 2 CIA agents being killed in Virginia in 1993 and 6 people being killed in NYC, a month later.

Japan has, for the most part, kept itself but Prime Minister Abe and his LDP cocksuckers want Japan to have a bigger presence on the international stage…but unfortunately for them, a bigger presence also means a larger target on their back. And sadly, Japan’s decision to target Muslims in the country for harassment will likely result in Japan’s first ever Islamic terror attack by some JAPANESE-born ISIS sympathiser that just needed an excuse to kill people in Japan.

Japan has been going downhill in other way though, including in terms of press freedom, individual freedom, freedom of speech, and and safety(from war with other nations)…you know, just like the USA.
Wanting to be relevant on the international stage as a superpower is nice but kicking your consitution in the balls and spitting in its face isn’t the right way to go about it….and neither is discriminating against a population that has never attacked your country. You are putting your own country at risk more than the terrorist you fear.

Violence against women in media – The issue that isn’t an issue

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(Artist: Mizu Asato)

Once again, the liberal media is up in arms over something else! This time, it’s the new X-Men’s poster showing some dude grabbing some chick by the neck. The liberal media is crying “VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN!” Oh surprise-surprise, a series that depicts nothing but violence has a poster depicting violence. OH THE FUCK WOULD OF EXPECTED IT! This is another clear example of people being way too sensitive over something that doesn’t matter one bit. I’m not saying violence against women doesn’t matter, I’m saying that what is depicted in FICTION doesn’t matter.

If you do not like it, do not watch it. The woman depicted in the poster in question was fine with it(apparently), and that is all that matters. It wasn’t you being grabbed, the poster hasn’t resulted in women everywhere getting the living shit beat out of them by men, so what is the issue? Other than the fact that the people complaining are over-sensitive pussies that think too much? Nothing! I hate to point out the obvious but NO ACTUAL WOMEN ARE HURT DURING THE FILMING OF [insert name here]! I am starting to think we need to put that in the opening credits of every form of entertainment that involves women, in the same way that we use to do in films involving animals.

And why in the goddamn hell are some people saying the X-Men’s ad “promotes violence against women”? What drugs are you people on? Talk about a massive exaggeration. Apparently, the entertainment industry is no longer allowed to depict violence if a woman is involved unless the woman is the one inflicting the violence. The issue of liberals whining about fictional violence against fictional women isn’t new, not by a long shot. I’ve seen pieces written as far back as the 1970’s where people are complaining about this non-issue.

It is time for people to stop trying to make mountains out of mole hills and grow a goddamn backbone, or if that is too much for your whiny ass to do, make your own shit and depict women in a dominating manner….oh wait…there are already many movies and TV shows depicting that and the outrage about that has been almost non-existent.

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