Respect the anime/manga Industry


(ART BY: NekoToufu)

I am totally against downloading or watching anime illegally online. I don’t give a damn how poor you are or how much money you are trying to save. If you can’t afford to watch anime, DON’T WATCH IT! You have no right to download or watch streaming anime illegally. It’s illegal in Japan, the US, UK, ect… People have been arrested and charged for illegal downloads, so don’t think nobody will come after you. There is a thing called contributing to copyright infringement.

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Black Lives Matter hypocrisy



There is a lot of hypocrisy going around in the Black Lives Matter movement and I want to point it out.

Race Pride

There is a sizable chunk, dare I say a majority, of Black Lives Matter that likes to take pride in being Black. I am not sure why anybody would be proud to be something they were borne as, but if that’s your think – so be it. But if a WHITE person dares take pride in being white, they are labeled as “racist” or “hateful.” This level of hypocrisy isn’t isolated to the Black community but it is most predominant in it. It’s damn hypocritical to “do as I say, not as I do.”  Wouldn’t you say?

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Why I Back The Blue



People have asked me why I am always so pro-police and seemingly defend the police, right or wrong. Is it because I am related to two people who were in law enforcement? Nope. Is it because I am a loli fan afraid of the law? No, why would I?  Is it because I fear the police? No, I have no reason to. So why? Short answer: Benefit of the doubt. Long answer:

Law enforcement in the US generally go through basic training that last as little as 2 weeks in some departments to as much as 6 months in others. Then they go through up to a year or more in Field Training before being set free to patrol as an individual officer(or in pairs). Half of police departments do not even give their police officers/deputies bulletproof vest, and very few law enforcement members in the US have bulletproof doors/windows on their unit. Police officers have to deal with verbal and physical abuse everyday, worry about being killed every day, have to see some of the worst things imaginable everyday and more often than not, they do not get any respect or assistance from politicians and city leaders when they need it the most. And they do this and go through all this for 40 hours a week, often more(overtime).

Despite all of that, they choose to put on their uniform and uphold the law and protect strangers that may or may not even like them. Most police officers never fire their weapon in the course of their career and suffer from PTSD before their career even ends. So any person that is willing to go through so much for complete strangers, I think it is reasonable to give police the benefit of the doubt and laugh at the idea that police are racist looking to kill minorities for any little thing.

So that is why I back the blue, that is why I tend to side with police unless evidence proves their guilt and that is why I will continue to support law enforcement ranging from school campus police up to the FBI and hell, law enforcement around the world(excluding countries with well-documented widespread police corruption and brutality) If that is too hard for you to understand then there is nothing I can do for you.